Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Week 25 (and 24)

Well, I guess forever and always Little Baby will never have a visual reference as to what life looked like at 24 weeks in utero. But here's a hint: it looked pretty much like week 25.

Even though I totally forgot to update this ol' blog, last week was awesome because we did get the good news that everything checks out okay with the baby. When I saw my regular doctor, she still didn't like how things looked but wasn't sure her equipment--which looks crazy modern to me--was 'enough' so she sent me to a specialist ultrasound guy. So we went to visit that doctor (who had a grand piano in the lounge, along with a bar) and he got all investigative and confirmed everything is good.

What a freakin' huge relief!

Otherwise I might have had to make use of that bar. I'm sure that's why it's there. Except, yeah, okay, it's probably not for the pregnant folks.

I look super creepy in this picture.
Like I'm plotting against you.
Or you.

I cannot believe I wore this outfit yesterday. CAN'T BELIEVE IT. It's horrible. Ugh. The dress is one I bought last summer, and is super breezy and cute when you aren't stretching it out to maximum effing capacity. Then, because of the growing belly, it was too short in the front and looked a little 'Trailer Park Chic' so rather than take it off and put on something appropriate, I charged ahead by putting on leggings, which is my number one pet peeve when worn with skirts and dresses. I broke my own cardinal rule! Then I decided there wasn't enough definition in the waist so I added this belt which... just...I mean...

Then I went out in public.

I have no shame!

And in other clothing related news, we went on our very first 'buy Little Baby some clothes' excursion on Saturday and OH THE SWEETNESS.

Baby stuff is SO little.

It's SO precious.

We were in the store and my arms were basically being used as clothing racks, because I liked everything and wanted it all. Dan had to coax me down from that tree, and then when I was back on firm ground I kicked the tree trunk and pouted because ''no fair!" But then when we went to pay we got 20 CHF in gift certificates.


Those gift certificates were burning a hole in my pocket all weekend. So yesterday afternoon I popped back into the store before they closed with the intention to only spend the gift cards.

Um...yeah, that didn't happen.

Internet, I'm going to be requiring a lot of party invitations for 'dress your baby like a fancy person', because that is all the clothing I currently have for LB. In fact, as I was coming home I felt briefly panicked because it only occurred to me at that moment that LB is going to need practical clothing, but I have not idea what that means.

What do babies need?

Help a girl out, because I seriously have no clue what clothes I'm actually supposed to be buying an infant. Buyers remorse didn't set in though because our baby can totally get an invite minutes after birth to attend a fancy person party, and LB will definitely have something to wear.

Mother of the year!

I'm really good at prioritizing.

(But not at dressing myself)
Also, I just realized that from a distance this dress looks like pajamas.
I'm a disaster.

I also think that what weeks 24 and 25 have brought is that primal urge everyone mentions: nesting. One morning I found myself wide awake at 5 a.m., so naturally I hopped out of bed and made myself some breakfast. Then I did my workout, had a shower, and it was still only 7:15 a.m. It was too early to start work, so I decided that I was going to totally clean out one hall cupboard and our bedroom.

I dumped everything into huge piles, tossed the mattress and boxspring off our bed, filled three garbage bags with stuff we don't need today (hopefully it's not required tomorrow) and three bags of clothing for goodwill.

Then it was 9:00 a.m.

And I had a back cramp.

And the mattress and boxspring seemed really heavy to have to move back onto the bed frame. And also, the vacuum was unwieldy and awkward and wouldn't just roll over the piles of debris I'd created. And also...there was a lot of debris.

Plus, I was ready for a nap.

So I chose to just ignore the mess I made and start work for the day. Except it's sort of hard to ignore that big of a mess when your husband comes home for lunch and can barely open the front door because, "Surprise honey! Now we live like hoarders! Hope you like it because I'll never get enough energy to put this all back together."

Who wants to live with us?!

And one last bit of news to wrap up this disjointed post is that today is our third wedding anniversary! Three years ago today we got to be part of our very own 'fancy person' extravaganza. Two years ago today I was spending my last night in Kamloops before moving to Switzerland to finally see Dan again. One year ago today we were in London, where we feasted on sushi and then attended Wicked.

And today, after three years of marriage, a decade together, we're eagerly awaiting the arrival of Little Baby.

How can we not live like hoarders when it's these memories and experiences we get to accumulate?


mom said...


Cait, I think you look nice in your pictures. Man how time flies eh? I can't believe that you and Dan have been married for 3 years already. Wishing you and Dan a lifetime of happiness. And LB of course :-))

Ais said...

Happy Anniversary Cait and Dan :) What a horrible sister/sister-in-law I am. I never even realized it was your anniversary haha. I like you're outfit that you have on by the way, it looks nice!!!! And lastly, isn't there a saying out there along the lines of 'you can never be too well dressed?'. LB will fit in just fine in her fancy clothes ;)

T said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys!!!

Haha, as I was reading along your bit about tearing the place a part (I mean cleaning) I knew the end would be that you were too tired to put it back together. I do the same thing and I'm not even nesting!

Anonymous said...

I have 4 comments:

1. Happy anniversary to you both!
2. I was thinking how preggo-chic you were looking before you started critiquing your wardrobe choices, so you must be doing something right! I personally think leggings are a pregnancy must - don't feel guilty about them!
3. I know what you mean about calling the baby by its probable name. It's just weird. We made the mistake of mentioning our choices to some immediate family and now they call her by it all the time. Even Riccardo does it. It makes me uncomfortable. I didn't realise I was so superstitious!
4. As for buying baby stuff, fortunately/unfortunately you will be inundated with super cute baby clothes from friends, family, colleagues, etc., which means you guys are generally stuck buying the practical (insert 'boring') stuff. A lot of things you don't need right away and a LOT of things you won't need at all - down with consumerism! Start with a couple sizes of sleepers, diapers and wipes, something for the bath (either a baby bath or a recliner for your tub), somewhere for Baby to sleep, some receiving blankets and muslins, and some infant formula and bottles (in case breast feeding doesn't happen). I'd also suggest, if someone is throwing you a shower, to arrange it early, so you know most of the gaps that gifts didn't fill.

Yay for us preggers folk!! Xx Crystal

Habebi said...

First off, Happy Anniversary!!

Second off, who cares about specific clothes? Buy cute things that appeal to you, babies have a tendency to go through clothes, so, if a piece doesn't work out, no worries they grow and you can try something different. As far as the essentials, I think everyone here has listed good items, so get those and the rest you'll figure out. Trust your instincts!

Third, you look adorable and all that matters is that your healthy and baby's healthy! Of course, I say that and I'd probably be the most vain preggers lady out there when it comes my time. ;-)

Glad you're doing great though despite that little scare! Take it easy!

Caitie said...

Thanks for those great tips, Crystal!!! It helps a lot!