Sunday, 13 May 2012

Week 22

Better late than never!

So it's week 22 (well, almost 23 since this post is so late coming this week) and the biggest news of the week is we know the sex of the baby!

But I haven't decided if I'm telling!

Why? Because I'm a huge meanie, naturally, and also I may want to keep it a big surprise until the end. I have told my immediate family because it would be practically impossible to keep it a secret from them. In fact, Dan said to me: "Man has landed on the moon. This means that seemingly impossible things can happen, including, maybe, secrets being kept in the W family?"

Sorry, that's one thing that's definitely not possible.

I have also started telling a few friends, so yeah, if you know me in real life it's not much of a secret. Apologies, Internet peeps, but I can assure you the news is REALLY EXCITING.

We know!

We have started to think about names this week, and I really like Moonglow Laserbeam. It's such a classic name that will carry our little baby through its life causing it nary any embarrassment when people exclaim, "What's that? Can you repeat that?" I also really like Perfect Creation, because it's got such a modest and understated feel to it that won't give our child an inflated ego.

But we probably won't go with these, opting instead to live in our Euro bubble and ignore the North American pressure to give your baby a name no one else has, or ever heard of.

Oh man, we are setting our baby up for a life of mediocrity by not picking the most unique name EVER. We suck. So I always knew the celebrities were wackadoodles with some of their name choices, but I wasn't fully aware of how much this mentality had entered the mainstream until I started browsing blogs that deal with kids and kid stuff.

One couple named their kids Sharkie and Boots, and for awhile I thought I was reading about dogs. I then hoped these were Internet aliases, but alas...

Oh, I know, I know, I'm so lame and my body is turning into a square to show just how square I really am; I am uninspired and unoriginal and whatever else you want to call me. But my thoughts on naming children is this: it's not about you. It. Is. Not. About. You. To have more concern about a name that uniquely identifies the child, rather than a name a child can identify with, seems selfish to me.

So now that I've ridden my high horse all over the land, where do I disembark?

Well, I think naming a baby is hard. That much I know for certain. Especially since I'm the type of person who sits down at a restaurant and orders one thing, then regrets not getting the other.

Who buys one scarf, and wishes she'd got the other.

Who stares at all the ice cream tubs and thinks, "How will I ever choose which two scoops to put on my waffle cone?"


Dan will be my rock, that much is certain. He is decisive and when we've agreed on one we both like, he will keep reminding me WHY we chose it. But we have agreed that we will not reveal the name until our baby is born. Even the W family won't know the baby's name until baby is here.

Because man, I don't know if you will believe this but people are super opinionated about names.


(Tongue in cheek! Tongue in cheek! Just in case that earlier line was about as subtle as getting hit in the face with a dead fish.)

Hypocrite, what??
Also, my face is getting rounder and I'm sort of mad about it.

So that's where we are this week.

And today is Mother's Day so a happy, happy, happy one to all the great mom's out there, with special recognition to two of the best I know: my mom, and my friend Jana.

My mom, because *duh*, obviously she did an incredible job of raising me, Perfect Creation (tongue in cheek!), and also to Jana, because today I received the loveliest email from my wise friend, full of reassurance, and her four kiddlywinks are so lucky to have such a mother guiding them through life.


Ais said...

Speaking of screwed up baby names, I had my hair done on Friday, and Crissy told me that she went to school with a girl named Suitcase! That's right, Suitcase! And her sisters name was Snowflake. So yeah.......

And you're looking great as usual Cait :) :)

Dad said...

The Vancouver Canucks used to have a goaltender called "Suitcase" Smith. But that was just a nickname because he'd been traded so often during his career.
Looking good Cait!

mom said...

Thanks for the compliment Cait! It was nice talking to you this morning. And I agree with Ais and Dad, you are looking great :-))

T said...
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T said...
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T said...
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T said...

Listen, to your family, Caitie you look great! I agree about opinions and names, I think you and Dan will make a wise choice between the two of you and will be happier knowing that you didn't change it because some so and so knew someone with that name and (insert ludicrous story here).

*Also, please ignore the previous comments by me - I was trying to use my phone and it didn't work out right!