Thursday, 3 May 2012

Week 21

We have movement!

Well, actually I could definitely feel the baby all last week and the week before, but that news was too exciting to stick in last week's post. Was I supposed to put it between the part where I was annoyed with the fitness instructor, or the part where I viciously stabbed a quiche to death because I took it out of the oven too soon? No, no, this news had to be saved for when I wasn't feeling so...tetchy.

But yes, I can feel the baby and it feels like little uncontrollable muscle twitches in my abdomen. In fact, I first thought that was all I was feeling because things are growing yo, and I assumed muscles would probably twitch while I stretched out. However, a friend of mine who is also expecting a baby told me, ", that's definitely the baby."

Then I felt dumb and like maybe I should crack one of those baby books that I bought I on the Kindle.

(Or, fire up the book? What is the new jargon for e-reading? Please enlighten me.)

I always feel the baby the most while I'm working at the computer or lying in bed and some days I can feel a lot of movement, like it's in the best mood ever and just wants to dance; other days I feel only one or two half-hearted kicks for the entire day, as though the baby is seriously bored and it wants me to know, "Yeah, I'm still here but I'm not having any fun. Could you put some music on or something?"

Here I am rocking some kick-ass pants that will get their own post.

In other news, Dan and I have started trying to figure out what sort of stroller we're going to buy and let me tell you: that's a tedious task. At this point in our research I feel like it would be easier to buy a car.  I think we've seen every YouTube video about consumer reports on buggies (Spoiler Alert: you don't want any of them because after pushing all of them off mountain tops eight times, they always break on the ninth time! Outrageous!) and basically, we're confused.

We've been to various stores to push different buggies around (Spoiler Alert: they all feel the same), to watch numerous sales people pop a tablet of speed then try to show us how to assemble and disassemble different strollers as fast as possible, like they're trying to get into a NASCAR pit crew (Spoiler Alert: no matter how fast they go, I'm never impressed), and to stare at the rows and rows and rows AND ROWS of four and three wheeled contraptions that are all vying to be your buggy: I'm the best, pick me. Pick me. These other ones are just crap, even though we all look the same. Pick me.

It's like an episode of The Bachelor, except these contestants aren't cheap.

Because, GAH. These glorified baby shuttles can cost more than a decent used car, and I'm not just talking about Swiss prices either: as a product they are absolutely over priced. Just when you think maybe you have an idea of what you want to get, you get thrown a curve ball in the form of the extra features:

"Will you be wanting a cupholder?"

"An umbrella?"

"A handbrake"

"An eating tray?"

'What about a foot sack and arctic gloves?"

"Can you throw in a four point wheel inspection and free oil changes for a year? Oh, and a gas card and some mud flaps."

So yeah, we were slightly unprepared for how much stuff goes along with a baby, and the absolute genius of the baby industry is they can quite easily convince any first timers out there that you need all this stuff. You wouldn't want to be accused of cheaping out where your baby is concerned, would you? That would mean you don't want what's best for your baby and that makes you a terrible parent.

We have a lot to learn.
But still plenty of time.

Speaking of a lot to learn, and going back to the whole "maybe I should read a baby book" idea, I was at a baby shower on Sunday and we had to split up into teams and answer trivia questions about babies, quite a few which were gestational questions (when does it have fingerprints, when can it hear you, etc...). I knew....none of the answers. Also, the one game I thought I would totally clean up in *coughnamesofcelebritybabyiescough* I also majorly sucked at.

The lesson I have chosen to learn from this experience is this: Get used to knowing nothing, this is probably going to be your reality for the next 18+ years.

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