Monday, 7 May 2012


Another picture from that Friday photo excursion.

The whole day I've been able to smell something sweet. As though my house is perfumed with cookies or cakes, or that distinct aroma of a shop that melts and creates its own chocolate confections.

What to make of this?

You know people say if you smell burnt toast (absent any actual burnt toast smoking up the kitchen) it's sort of a bad thing? What if you're smelling cookies when there are none to be found? Maybe this signifies a good thing? A sweet premonition?

Well, even if it doesn't I couldn't stand it any longer so when I finished up for the day I whipped down to Migros to pick up some ingredients and now I'm going to bake some lemon-poppy seed cookies to serve to our neighbour who's popping 'round this evening.

Sweet Mondays.


T said...

Lemon-poppy seed cookies sound so good! Love the picture :)

Caitie said...

They were SO good T! Go to the website Annie's Eats and the recipe is there.

Meg said...

Wow! Cool picture. That tree is amazing!