Thursday, 24 May 2012

Oh Dan

Forget 'kids say the darnedest things'; let's try 'husbands say the damnedest things'.

Here are a few of the things Dan's said since I've been pregnant, that I don't want to forget because I think they're funny.


In January, after finding out I was pregnant, I had a breaking-news realization.

"Oh my god! Dan! We're going to have to stuff. Where do we even go to get that?!"

"I don't know," Dan yawned, "probably a baby store."



He puts his hands on my stomach a lot to try and feel the baby move, and this exchange resulted from one evening of waiting for Little Baby to kick.

"What do you think it's like in there?"

"In where?"

"Your stomach. What do you think it's like for LB?"

"Probably really cozy," I answered. By 'cozy' I meant it's a warm and small environment, so LB probably feels quite safe.

"Yeah, I bet it is cozy. You never have to get up to grab something to eat and you can sleep all day."



After staring at my stomach for awhile.

"Wow Sweets, your stomach looks like a bowl of rising bread dough."

"WHAT? I look doughy?!"

"That was a compliment. I meant it in the best way possible."


Oh Dan.


T said...

hahaha, that's hilarious! Thanks for the laugh this morning guys!

Habebi said...

Jumping into the whole "you're pregnant?!" convo a bit late here. Belated congratulations to you both!

Oh and Dan, yeah he's a funny guy.