Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Have I Mentioned We're Different?

I tossed and turned all night long until those early rising song birds pierced the air with their tweeting and twittering. I cursed them, put my pillow over my head, but it was no use as I was awake for good. About thirty minutes later Dan stretched and rolled over.

"I had a weird dream last night."

"Really, me too! I had a terrible sleep. What was your dream about?"

"I dreamt that I inspired an underground group of activists to form their own political party. I was standing in front of all of these people, rallying them to come together since no one would hear them otherwise. They were all cheering for me. It was awesome."

"That was your dream?"

"Yeah, what was yours about?"

"I had a stress dream that I still worked at Wendy's and we ran out of chicken nuggets during the lunch rush. It went on forever."

Then we laughed and laughed and laughed, even though it was barely 6:00 a.m.


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Meg said...

oh wendy's. haha. Still haunting us to this day.... Classic.