Thursday, 19 April 2012

Week 19: Brought To You By The Letter 'S'

What has week 19 brought?

An inability to turn over in bed, that's what.*

*Rachel Lynde shout-out! Where's my Road to Avonlea and Anne of Green Gables peeps?!

When we were all still living at home and going on family road trips, my sisters used to fight about which unfortunate sister had to share a bed with me that night. My nickname was (and still is, when bed related subjects are being discussed) The Thrasher.  Of course I used to think this was really unfair since I, the person being scorned, was being accused of behaviour that occurs while I'm sleeping so there's no way I could properly defend myself because I had no clue what was going on.

"I slept with the Thrasher last night. IT'S YOUR TURN."


For about two years Dan tried to put up with my thrashing ways, but then after two solid years of waking up shivering and exposed in the night because I'd death-rolled myself into all the blankets, only to have me bite his head off when he tried to gently tug some blanket back over himself, we decided we each would each have our own blanket on the bed. It was the only fair thing to do.

Since that time I've been blissfully unawares of my thrashing ways because no one points it out to me in the morning.

Until this week.

Oh my lord Internet, I had no idea how much I turned over in my sleep until I started to have difficulty rolling. Whereas before I used to be able do one fluid death-roll to flip left to right, I'm now facing the fact that I have to do a three point turn.

Right side--grunt--flip onto back--grunt--dig heels into bed--grunt--flip onto left side--grunt.

It wakes me up.

Every. Single. GD. Time.

People say you stop sleeping once the baby's born. WRONG. It starts as soon as the belly gets big.

Getting bigger!

Now let's all pause for a second to discuss my lipstick. Last week Dan and I sort of started to clean out our closets, and by this I mean we tackled one shelf in one closet. Yes! But anyhow, as we were organizing I came across a clutch I forgot I had, so I immediately ripped it open hoping to find money. Instead I found a tube of BRAND NEW LIPSTICK. Specifically this one, which my sisters picked out for me three years ago to wear to a New Years party.

I wore it for five days straight after discovering it.

I'm glad we found each other.

Speaking of my sisters, who, as you'll guess, make up the 'S' that sponsors this post, I found out on Monday that they are DEFINITELY COMING TO VISIT after the baby is born.

I cried.

Nothing new there. But I do laugh a lot, too.

For example:

Oh Cosmo, that rascal.
(Also, I should clarify I don't wear shoes in the house. We take these pictures as we're about to leave to go for coffee, or whatever.)

Dan snapped this picture on the iPad right as I was finishing up having a hearty laugh when Cosmo tried to jump on a kitchen chair, and instead ended up rolling off the chair and face-planting onto the ground.

Life is never dull with that cat.

Speaking of whom:

Here he is!

I'm not heartless! I did check to make sure he was okay.

And guess what else?

The shirt I'm wearing and my the bracelet were also bought by my sisters. So come on girls! I'll be providing the baby in September, feel free to bring anything else you want...


T said...

Love love love the baby belly posts :) You look great Caitie!

Diana said...

I am SO jealous that your sisters are visiting! Dying to get my sister to come here. Met her in London last week because her husband had to be there for business and she and her boys tagged along so me (and my two boys) met them there. I am 46 and have a 10 & 7 year old and thought my child-bearing years were over but if I all I have to do to get my sister here is bear a child, then I will seriously consider it! Keep posting. xo

Caitie said...

T--Thanks!! It's nice to take these pictures to remember!

Diana--I think you should remind your sister that in Switzerland a pot of cheese is considered a full and complete meal. Who wouldn't rush to visit after hearing that?! If all else fails, having a baby is the only way to guarantee an onslaught of visitors ;-)