Sunday, 22 April 2012

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So when a person is growing a human being, you aren't actually supposed to eat for two.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? Um, yes. Rather easily. My super great doctor said to me:  "Don't eat for two, then you'll just have to loose weight for two. Trust me. The eating for two starts when your baby turns three and you've cooked all this food they don't want, then you feel you have to finish it. That's when the eating for two starts."

Have I mentioned how much I like her?

So portion sizes aren't an issue for me, but what I have been struggling with is how to get the increased number of daily fruit/vegetable nutrients I need--information provided to me by my doctor and not the Internet--and the problem for me lies in getting my daily quota of vegetables, because I have no problem eating the number of fruits I require.  Quite frankly, I have been failing at the vegetable quota and felt really shitty about it. I always have a salad and a vegetable with dinner (or twice a week, vegetarian meals) but that covers diddly-squat of what I'm supposed to be getting and I don't want to take supplements because there's no need to when there are grocery stores and farmer's markets stuffed with vegetables.

(Yes, I do take the daily pre-natal Omega-3/folic acid supplement I was prescribed. Be serious!)

What I'm about to reveal is probably super old news for you; in fact, you're probably about to laugh at what a little ol' late bloomer I am. Even if it took me longer than you, at least I got here in the end. This is how I've started topping up on the daily vegetables I need: frozen spinach in smoothies.

I don't have one of those fancy juicers or Vitamix blenders that can take a beet and turn it into something you drink with a straw, but I do have a regular old blender that I use to make smoothies with, and I finally clued in to the fact that if I drop a few cubes of frozen spinach into my drink...POW, I'm getting tons of healthy veggie vitamins for the baby and for me. I realize there are purists who think cooked spinach has lost the nutrients of raw spinach, but please...pipe down. I'm doing the best with what I've got. I know there's always something better and hooray that you figured it out. Now keep it to yourself.

Right now my favourite smoothie is the following combination:

Frozen raspberries; frozen blueberries; three cubes of frozen spinach; a tablespoon of honey; a teaspoon of vanilla caviar (it's the actual seeds from the pod and not the extract); Greek yogurt; milk.

Oh how I love this smoothie!

I will experiment with different combinations once I get sick of this one, but that could take awhile.

Did you know that for two months straight, every day I ate a cucumber, cream cheese, and alfalfa sprout sandwich for lunch? Two months.

I'm over it now.

But I'm not over this smoothie.

Not even close.


Does anyone else have pesky psoriasis?

I am so, so lucky that I am not afflicted with it as badly as some people are but I do get very embarrassing patches of it on my legs, and with bare-leg season right around the corner I am very self-conscious of this. This winter was really bad for me, with regular dry skin exacerbating my psoriasis; when this happens, I can't use drug-store lotions like Nivea, or Garnier, etc... because they feel like they're burning my skin, and they do in fact burn my psoriasis patches.

One day in March I closed my eyes and grabbed the crazy expensive cream I'd been considering buying since January, then threw it at the cashier and paid before I could second guess myself.

Oh, I'm so glad I did.

Rausch for extremely dry and sensitive skin.

I slather it on where needed, and let it sit on my skin and soak in. After one day of using this, the redness in those patches was gone, and with daily-use (multiple times a day) it helped to heal those patches.

I ran out at the end-of-March and was lazy about replacing it.


I've since bought another tub, and am again so grateful to have found something that seems to really work for me.  I thought I'd share in the hopes that someone else might find this as beneficial as I have, and I know it's a product that's not just available in Switzerland.


Today Dan and I were going for a walk when two riders passed us by. One girl was riding the most gorgeous, gorgeous chestnut horse that had four perfectly matched stockings. In fact, the stockings were so perfect that from a distance it looked like she'd put wrappings on the horse's legs to just below the knee.

When they passed us by I just completely lost my mind about how beautiful that animal was, and how crazy perfect the stockings were.

Dan: "So that was the real colour of the hair on its legs?"


"Oh, I just thought it stood in white paint."

- FIN -


Ais said...

That smoothie sounds really good! Exactly how much is a cube of frozen spinach? I want to make it!

Caitie said...

You know I'm not too sure, but each cube is the size of an ice cube. I was also thinking frozen mangos, mint, vanilla, spinach would be good. Oh the possibilities!