Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Stars On Ice

I have said a few times on this here blog that Dan and I are terrible at planning our vacations. That we book our flight, sometimes our room, and *boom* that's it. Then we show up and figure out what to do and where to eat. Well, I need to rescind this comment because what this trip to Vienna proved is that Dan is not the terrible planner in this relationship.

No he is not.

It's me.

It's all me.

I'm the lazy one who always says, "Yeah, yeah. We'll figure it out later. Yeah, yeah, we'll worry about that when we get there." I thought Dan too was like this. But no, he is not. When left to his own devices, he is a master planner.

Dan started planning this getaway at the beginning of January, and he had our three days completely mapped out as to places we'd eat, sites we'd see, plays we'd watch, and piano bars we'd hang out in. There was no 't' left uncrossed nor 'i' undotted. He was all over this.

My favourite thing we did when there (that he'd obviously planned) was the morning we spent ice-skating in Vienna's parliament park. This park is in the shadow of the parliament building, and there is a large NHL sized rink directly at the base of the building, with skating trails branching off from this rink and winding throughout the park, some of which trails led to a second rink. I haven't skated in years and I've definitely never skated on ice trails that wind through a park; needless to say, I was excited!

This picture has nothing to do with skating.
Just seeing if you're awake.

Though I never got a photo of the large rink itself, you can sort of get an idea of the set-up of the rink's location in relation to the building.

This was the very start of the skate trails.
Though admittedly, the ice looks like snow.
But it's ice!

See! These people are skating.

As were these people!

This is the second rink located in the park, that one of the trails leads in to.
It was a lot smaller than the first rink.

Here we are, skatin' it up.

One of the more secluded trails had this beautiful view of the peaks of parliament.

Here we are again.

I don't have the greatest photos of the trails, as my main concern when skating was trying to avoid the kamikaze school children who, about twenty minutes into our skate, poured onto the trails and managed to scare the bejeezus out of me as they would go flailing past me with a speed and confidence that suggested they were in control, but then they'd wipe out almost beneath my blades with reckless abandon only to hop up again and try to go even faster and crazier than before.

The obvious lack of a self-preservation gene in these 6 to 8 year olds was really alarming.

Another bonus to this morning of skating was that there were speakers strung up near the start of the trails and on the main rinks, blasting music to really get those kamikaze kids fired up. It also fired up one other person...

The dancing cowboy!

The dancing cowboy was hanging out by the main rink, and he was putting on a show my friends. He was line dancing like we were in Texas and Tim McGraw was singing just for him.

Except, he was line dancing to Madonna.

And Adele.

And Rihanna.

But never-the-less, he went for it with gusto, only stopping every few minutes to yank up his pants so the school children wouldn't get anymore of show. By the end of our morning, he had some fans and he was teaching them his moves and taking pictures with them.
Keepin' the fans happy.

I sat on the benches, sipping a hot chocolate (while Dan returned our rental skates) and watched this man tutor some teens in the fine art of step-right-one-two-three-four-step-left-five-six-seven-eight (didn't everyone learn line dancing in elementary school gym class?). I decided that this dancing cowboy has flare and I was glad I saw him perform.

And I'm glad I have a husband who rocks at planning, because if this trip was in my hands? We would not have skated, and we would not have seen the dancing cowboy.

Good job, sweets!


mom said...

That skating rink and the paths look like a lot of fun!

T said...

That is so cool Caitie! I wish there was a skating trail like that here. I went skating for the first time in a few years in Logan Lakes a few weeks ago and it was so much fun. It's definitely something I want to get back into.

The dancing cowboy seems so out of place in my mental picture of Vienna! It must have been hilarious when you realized what he was dancing to!