Tuesday, 27 March 2012


First some housekeeping:

Keep your book recommendations coming in! Just in case anyone is shy to make a suggestion (and let's face it, for some reason people can be embarrassed about what they read) because they think they read something "too fluffy" I call rubbish, because it's crap that anyone would be pretentious enough in the first place to turn their nose up at your choice of reading material.

Nick Hornby (a very funny writer) has a theory that if reading is to survive as a leisure hobby, you can't force yourself to read only books you think will enlarge the cerebrum; you have to embrace whatever you find entertaining. You don't watch television shows you don't find entertaining, so why hang your head about what you read for pleasure?

A journalist was quoted as saying, "It's not just that you read, it's what you read that counts." This claim was stamped on by Hornby by this most marvelous line: "In Britain, more than twelve million adults have a reading age of thirteen or under, and yet some clever-dick journalist still insists on telling us that unless we're reading something proper, then we might as well not bother at all."

Isn't that great?

Anyhow, let me know what you're reading. I need to load up the Kindle!


And now onto baby matters:

This Saturday Dan and I bought our very first item for the baby, and it was so exciting! I have been browsing Etsy whenever I have a free second (and even when I don't have a free second...productivity is at an all time low, is what I'm saying) and I decided that I wanted a nursery that was gender neutral and Dan was on board with this.

This isn't to say that I don't love princess rooms or car-themes--well, actually I don't like car themes but I couldn't think of anything else stereotypically male--the truth is I just can't wait five more weeks (when we find out the sex) to commence planning. I need to plan, NOW.

So I have spent copious hours poking around every nook and cranny of Etsy and I came up with a theme we are crazy about. Cut to this Saturday when we were in Bern and we stumbled into this very cute basement store that has baby stuff, and what did we find but a baby blanket that embraces my thematic idea!

The blanket was sort of an outrageous price because we were in a speciality store, but then again you only buy your first item for your first baby, once. What I'm saying is, we got crazy excited (well, Dan is more reserved but his eyes did sparkle, I saw) and I clutched that blanket to my chest because it was coming home with us.

"No question," Dan agreed.

We went out for coffee after that and put the blanket on the table for inspiration and then on the back of receipts we planned the baby's entire room.

Here's a sneak peek of our inspiration.


We're a little bit excited.


Meg said...

Aw Cait, this blanket looks so sweet! I'm so happy for you and Dan. That's one lucky baby. :)

T said...

I love it!!!! I also love the idea of a gender neutral room, I think I would do the same. I look forward to seeing more :)

The last books I've read were the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. The first one took a while to get into but after about a 100 pages I was hooked.

Caitie said...

Meg--Thanks :-) It is one lucky baby, it will have the two best aunties EVAH.

T--More shall come! I'm giving my Visa card a chance to pump some iron before I give it a workout in Etsy ;-) And I loved that series, and am so jealous you're reading it for the first time! In my opinion the first book is the strongest of the three, so enjoy it!

mom said...

Love the blanket Cait! This is so exciting :-)