Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Dan + Caitie = Baby

So I might have been a tad misleading when I said my life is pretty dull right now. If you think about regular everyday life stuff, then yeah life is sort of same-ol', same-ol'. But that's pretty much everybody's reality.

But then if you look at this...

Baby's first picture on the fridge!

...well, nope life isn't dull at all. And I apologize for misleading you.

But does anyone else out there have mothers with ESP(N)? Well my dad has ESPN, but my mom has ESP and I swear she would have guessed we were having a baby LONG before the three months were up that Dan and I decided to wait to spread the news. I had to be misleading!

But finally, after three long months, I was able to call her very, very early on Friday morning to break the news she and Dad were going to be grandparents. The first thing she did was scream in excitement while simultaneously flinging the phone at my confused and sleepy dad, while she took a moment to hyperventilate.

Friday was the best day.

So if your mental math skills are sharp and functioning at a grade three level (don't worry, mine aren't) this means that I'm just over three months pregnant and the baby is due in September.

To say that 2012 is shaping up to be an amazing, life-changing year, would be an understatement. Sorry to get all sappy and cliche on you there. I promise to not pull that again. Until I do. But until then, I'm going to keep it light because I'm finding pregnancy to be weird and emotionally hilarious.

How about tomorrow I tell you all about the time I sobbed because I thought my hand looked fat?

Because yeah, this happens a lot now.


Helen said...

Ah, congratulations to you both! What lovely news.

And with a Canadian mother and Swiss father, that baby is going to have some excellent overseas living options later on :)

mom said...

Love your post Cait! We are so happy for you and Dan (and for us of course). Will be talking to you soon. Love MOM xxoo

Anonymous said...

So So happy for you guys! Enjoy the emotional ride!!

meg said...

Congratulations Caitie and Dan!! I couldn't be more excited for you guys. Can't wait to be an Auntie.

love, meg