Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Winter Grillin'

Winter grillin', had me a blast,

Winter grillin', got full too fast.

I met a pork chop, delicious as could be,

I met some roast beef, was practically free.

Tell you more, tell you more?

Like how the event was afire.

Tell you more, tell you more?

Like how too much food will make you perspire.


Please sing the above to the tune of "Summer Lovin'"



So anyhow, Dan and I attended a little winter grill event that happened in the heart of Bern on Saturday and it basically rocked our...stomachs. In a good way.

In a yummy way.


Basically the event was Bern showing off how awesome and tasty its local meats are, showing different ways of preparing said delicacies, and a good chance for people to eat for cra-cra-cheap. Dan and I each chose to have an assorted meat plate which came with slices of roast beef, two different sausages, a boneless pork chop, some chicken, and a potato covered in a delicious sauce.

Now let's just pause a second and talk about that potato, because believe me when I say the sauce they spooned over it just rocked my world. It was essentially an Italian take on a barbecue sauce: it had a tomato base, a mixture of herbs and spices that definitely included oregano and garlic, with a vinegar twang coursing through the whole thing. It did not have a smoky taste, and was delicious all the same.

Now the price for all of this?  8 CHF a plate, boys and girls! What did I tell you?

That's cra-cra-cheap!

Here's some photos.

A couple of shots of the venue area.
As you can see it was a dreary day.

They had real pine trees and hay bales set up here and there, with tents and chalets where you could sit to eat your food and get out of the January drizzle.

Also helping to beat the January drizzle were these wood fire-burner-things.
(Side note: Anyone else beside me used to keep your television tuned to the fireplace channel at Christmas, just to watch the orange flames dance and listen to the pop and crackle of a real fire? Remember how, from time-to-time, an arm would enter the shot to stir the fire? Yeah, the picture on the left reminds me of that.)

There were also free apples all over the place.

All the kiddlywinks were given a free sausage, and they could go over to the campfire to grill it up.
I wanted to do it, too.

Here's my kiddlywink, sitting down to enjoy our food, and then warming his hands over the fire.

This guy was demonstrating some different grills people can have in their yards, while also grilling up a lot of sausages to keep up with demand.

I knew this grilling event was going to be awesome the minute I stepped off the bus and the air smelled like camping, and it was really cool. I loved how this was all set up in the heart of Bern, open fires to keep warm by, hot wine and beer to sip with your food, and most of all, some really good food.

And it really did remind me a lot like camping. I mean, I can't even remember the last time I camped where the rain didn't feel like it was driving at you from a January cold-front. I felt, for an hour, just like I was at campsite. And when we left, we smelled like wood smoke.

God I love that smell!

And what did we get up to for the rest of the weekend? Oh you know, just enjoyed my regular Sunday afternoon three hour nap. Gah! Internet, I think I need a weekend intervention.

I mean seriously, my weekend can be summed up in two words: I ate and I slept. I knew my weekend hibernation was getting bad, but I didn't realize how bad until I phoned my parents on Sunday and my mom was all:

"Oh Cait, I can't really talk. We were at a party last night and I've got a hangover this morning."

Yeah, that's right. My parents had a crazier Saturday night than I did! So that can only mean one thing: operation bust out of my weekend den starts....eventually.

(What? You have no idea how cozy my feather duvet is. It's SO cozy!)

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