Friday, 6 January 2012

Soup's On!

Remember when you were a kid and you got that AWESOME toy you'd wanted for Christmas? And then every day, from December 25th to March 3rd, you played with that toy, talked about that toy, slept with that toy, and cried when you weren't allowed to carry that toy with you into the restaurant because you were a menace and your parents didn't want you chatting up the waitress about the cool features of your toy? Cool features like how you could press a button and it made a noise?

Basically, you were the only one who had a candy cane care in the world about that toy?

Well, this has sort of happened to me. Again. At the tender age of 30. You see, for Christmas Dan bought me four gorgeous soup bowls that I had been drooling over. Dishware? I can hear you exclaim. What is so great about that? Well, I really can't explain it but I have a dream that one day I will have a huge display cabinet filled with dishware for all occasions.

I know, it's totally twisted and without substantive purpose. I used to think I'd have to defend this wish, but then I realized that if someone out there doesn't have a frilly, beautiful, nonsensical dream, there's no use even trying because they probably lack the imagination to see it.

What I see though is one day in our cozy house (that sits on a lake and has a huge stone fire place) there is a cabinet that holds summer garden party stemware, tasteful Christmas china, rustic serving bowls for fall suppers, and beautiful cutlery for every day use and not just special occasions.

I know, it's weird but it's a dream and dreams don't always make sense.

(Like the one I had the other night about John Wayne. So random, but I guess I have been watching a lot of Westerns lately.)

Well this past December 25th I became four soup bowls closer to the dream! But I have gone a bit crazy over these gifts and have been making soup like it's going out of style, just so I can use the bowls. And this week, well...we ate soup three nights in a row.


Last night Dan told me that if I wanted to serve chicken and mashed potatoes in the bowls, he'd be fine with that as long as we don't eat soup for another few weeks. I don't know, I seriously might have to do that because I love these!

Here's glance at the soup we ate just this week. Be prepared to be SO INTERESTED.


So first disclaimer is that my kitchen has no natural light so you're just going to have to deal with ISO 1600 photos taken at 7 p.m. on dark January evenings.

Aren't the bowls gorgeous! I just love them so much. They're very deep so really one bowl is a very healthy and hearty serving, and the little stubby lion head handles are just sweet.

This was a chicken tortilla soup that was delicious, spicey, limey, quick, and light. And the tortilla chips crushed in before serving were really good once they got all soggy. And you can use plain Greek yogurt in lieu of sour cream. I think it's better tasting and has a nicer texture than sour cream and trust, I used to be a sour cream junkie.


This was a butternut squash and sage soup, and I made Parmesan bread crumbs to go with. I also fried a couple of sage leaves for each bowl and added some crispy prosciutto for garnish. This was the heartiest soup we ate this week, and it was also the fastest to make. Especially since Migros sells pre-cooked, cubed, packages of butternut squash. Takes no time and we were eating within a half hour!


And the pièce de résistance of our soup feast was French onion, which is of course the soup that these bowls are really designed for. It was really rich though, so even one full-sized bowl was a bit much but we managed.

So now I have to know, what are your favourite soups? Please let me know so that when my agreed upon two week cease-soup is over, I can whip up some more delights as an excuse to use my NEW. AWESOME. INCREDIBLE. SOUP. BOWLS.


Helen said...

One of the easiest soups I make is from a Gordon Ramsay recipe: take a head of broccoli, cut into florets and boil for about 4 minutes in salted water. Strain and save the water. Nuke the broccoli with a stick blender then add enough of the water to make a velvety consistency. Return to the job and reheat, adding in some Stilton or goats cheese. And voila, you're done. So quick and simple but very, very tasty.

I also love tom yum soup but that always takes a bit longer!

Dad said...

Cait, the soup looks DELICIOUS! Making my mouth water.....gotta go have some soup! (Guess not, Mom's watching and says she's not making any :-(

T said...

Love the bowls and the soup looks so good too!

I've recently made a sweet potato, carrot, and red lentil soup which was really good too :)

mom said...

I think my favourite is seafood chowder with homemade buns. Have just made a pot of chicken soup but no nice bowls to serve it in :-)

Caitie said...

Helen--That sounds simple and delicious! I will definitely be trying that recipe out. I absolutely love broccoli. Roasting it, then squeezing lemon juice over, is a favourite way I often eat it!

Dad--Guess you best come visit again so I can serve you some delicious soup in my soup bowls. Maybe we'll even let mom have some ;-)

T--I love lentil soups! Will have to consult Martha or Nigella or Jamie for a recipe!

Mom--Yum, seafood chowder and freshly baked buns. A timeless classic!