Monday, 23 January 2012

Slow News...Month

Dan and I realized that this month we seem to be in official hibernation mode. It's the only explanation for how housebound we are allowing ourselves to be on weekends, and how many excursions we have cancelled.


Things We Were Going To Do, But Then Opted Against In Favour Of Staying Home To Drink Hot Chocolate.

  1. Go to Adelboden and watch the ski racing.
  2. Go to the Basel zoo.
  3. Go sledding.
  4. Go skiing/winter trail hiking.
It seems terrible when it's listed. All these memories we could be making, and instead we're going to the movies, hiding in corners of coffee shops, ordering in pizza, and taking indulgent Sunday afternoon naps where we're all piled on the bed (cats included, obviously) recharging our batteries for the week ahead.

When I choose to stay home, I feel guilty. There's this voice in my head telling me that I'm Europe, in Switzerland, and that I should be making the most of every free minute; that we have to stand to attention to every general idea that pops into our minds. We have to be on the go, go, go, go, constantly exploring, as otherwise we aren't making the most of this adventure.

But then you look out your window and it's January. A month that seems to be universally quiet no matter which part of the world you reside in. The wind whistles and even though it's not MINUS 57 (like in one unfortunate BC town, as noted by sister in the comments of the last post), it still doesn't seem like I'm supposed to be venturing too far.  It feels natural that the rhythm of my weekends are supposed to be quiet and slow right now, which makes the self-induced guilt for staying close to home (instead of criss-crossing the country) that much worse.

Any other expats feel this way?

Anyone else just feel plain guilty for allowing yourself an entirely lazy month of weekends?

That we Must. Be. Doing. SOMETHING.


mom said...

There are days Cait, when I would love to not be doing anything.

jess said...

Sweetie, people feel that way (ladies, mostly) AT HOME in their home country. It's just a version of it, being an expat. But I feel that way at home too. We just feel bad not DOING. do it. it feels good right? that's why god made 11 other months :)