Monday, 16 January 2012

Pot O' Gold

So surely I wasn't the only kid who once tried to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? I was so psyched about my quest that I drew a map and everything: it showed a very simplistic rendering of my house, the pasture in front of our house, and the rainbow that seemed to dip low and end in said pasture.

The only problem is I don't think the map was to scale because I never found that pot of gold and I was incensed that when I reached the back of our pasture, the rainbow DIDN'T END THERE.

It still kept going.

But now it seemed to head back towards the scuzzy lake that I knew was at some distance behind our house. I walked for awhile (so probably five minutes) up a road that led to some neighbours who lived behind us, but then I grew bored of my quest because I was lazy and tired of walking so far. Plus my handy treasure map really only detailed the pasture. I had nothing else to go on! So I turned around and probably went home and picked some tiny raspberries with my sister Meg, which raspberries we then squashed onto the lobes of our ears to look like earrings, when really we just looked like a wild animal had been gnawing on our ears.

Ah, those were the days.

Well the reason I mention that failed quest is because yesterday Dan and I went on a walk that reminded me of those fruitless treasure hunting days.  We decided we were going to walk to a satellite radio tower that we can see from our balcony; it seemed like a good destination because it doesn't look that far away and at my core I am still a lazy little five year old who gets bored easily if the scenery sucks.

The only problem is...IT WAS SO FAR AWAY.

Like gasp, shock, horror, and temper tantrum but it took forever to make it there.

Everything started out pleasantly enough as we tripped through the woods and I marvelled at the solar streamers wrapping through the trees.


But then--you'll never believe this fellow Switzerland peeps!--we found ourselves WITHOUT TRAIL MARKERS. We were scrambling up slippery slopes of leaves, following old roads that seemed to go nowhere, and never were there wanderweg signs guiding us.

I felt without purpose.

It was madness!

And I was getting tired because of course, the whole expedition was going up hill.

Dan was keeping a brisk excited pace in front of me, giddy that we had seen no people (well of course, they were all on the marked trails like good little Swiss people), and I was trailing behind wondering if I just stopped, dropped, and rolled would I make it back to the apartment?

Dan: "Ah what a great day! Come on! Let's go! Life is amazing! Hooray!"

Caitie: "Grumblegrumble...pant...grumblegrumble"

Dan: "Everything's marvelous!"

Caitie: "Grumblegrumble...complain...grumblegrumble."

Dan:  "What are you thinking about?!"

Caitie: "Death."

Dan: "You're crazy. Let's go! Up and up, we'll make it! Imagine the views from the top!"

Caitie: "How about you keep walking and I'll wait here. Yell at me when you've made it and I'll judge by how far away you sound if it's worth it for me to keep going."

Then Dan grabbed a stick and started shepherding me along like I was a reluctant bovine or sheep! Which, honestly, at that point I really was.

Caitie: "This is pointless. We should just turn around."

Dan (wielding his Shepard stick): Tap Tap Tap "Come on, that's it, steady on, you can do it, keep going."

It was really funny, which made me very confused because I was trying to be in a bad mood and instead I was laughing hysterically.

My fearless leader gets us onto a marked trail.

We did eventually make it to this radio tower, but it was kind of like reaching the end of the rainbow, because even though we got to the tower there wasn't a viewing platform. No pot o' gold. You couldn't see the Alps through the trees. But Dan was so excited to have made it to the tower he raced up the last incline to touch the frosty steel.

I refrained from exerting such unnecessary energy.

Dan: "Are you going to come up! Come on, you're so close."

Caitie (inventing desperate excuse to avoid another steep hill): "No, I'm just taking some interesting pictures! Good for you though, sweets!"

Dan: "What are you taking a picture of?"

Caitie: "Oh, just something awesome!"

(Frosty leaves. As you will observe, I was taking pictures of frosty leaves.)

My spirits considerably picked up as we started our long descent down so I decided to let out a little yodel-a-he-who.

Really loudly.

Who would hear it? We hadn't seen a soul all day.

Yeah, there were people around the bend of the road who heard me and gave us a very amused greeting.

"Oh my god, those people heard you!" Dan whispered in utter mortification.

"Yeah, I know!" I laughed joyfully grabbing his herding stick. "Now we're totally even! What a great day!"


T said...

hahaha, love this post Caitie. Although I have to say I was very relieved to finally see frost on the leaves in the last picture. Your pictures look like they were taken in the fall! What is the temperature there?

Ais said...

Nice pictures Cait :) Haha, Dan herding you along with a stick, too funny!!

Caitie said...

T--It is chilly outside (I'd say hovering around the freezing mark most days) but we have no snow, and with the sun out it really does look like fall! But yes, these pictures were taken this past Sunday. Anywhere the sun doesn't hit, Jack Frost is visible; everywhere else, it's green! haha.

Ais--That Dan... ;-)

jessica said...

things I relate to: mortifying my swiss counterpart. hiking and throwing a tempertantrum. taking photos of awesome swiss surroundings.

Things I don't relate to: hiking in unmarked, signless territory in Switzerland. Are you sure you were in switzerland?? :)