Friday, 13 January 2012

I Am...

Feeling zip, zilch, nadda, inspiration for writing on the blog. We've been out and about, but it seems too hard to have to record it all down again. I really want to though, because occasionally when we can't remember what we've been up to we like to browse the archives and go 'Remember When!...", as otherwise we have appalling memories.

I suppose the literal January fog that is rolling past my window seems to have settled into my brain. It probably also doesn't help that I was a total glutton over the week of Christmas and New Years, and now my pants are mega-uncomfortable.

I hate getting dressed in the morning.

But I will not buy new pants.

I will not buy new pants.

Say it with me now: I WILL NOT BUY NEW PANTS.


So to try and erase all the merry that I made over the holidays I eat a grapefruit for breakfast every morning, or a cold smoothie. Those are not the most satisfying ways to start the day when it's a damp chill outside. Then for lunch I also eat a cold salad (though it's delicious) consisting of assorted salad leaves, cottage cheese, a grated carrot, sliced cucumber, a sprinkling of sunflower seeds, a few dashes of sushi vinegar, and pepper.

Really, it is quite delicious and you should try it sometime.

But maybe don't eat it every day for two weeks.

Random observation alert (that might be inaccurate): Does Switzerland have baby carrots? I don't think they do. At least in my village Migros they don't sell bags of those stunted orange babies. And I never realized what a shitty product they were until I started buying real carrots again.

You know, buying whole, large, carrots.

They have so much flavour.

And they're fully grown.

What the hell is being done to carrots to make them that small and perfectly round on the ends? And flavourless? Do we really have so little time that we can't peel and cut up a proper carrot?

And now to segue into a completely non-related topic:

I was recently sent a personal email that included the following line: "..remember not to take things for granted, and always remember how quickly things can go bad." 


That was a really cheery way to start my morning. So listen up, dark clouds of the world: keep your melodramatic outlook on life to yourself. You seriously can rain on other people's parades.

Well, that's the fascinating peek into my brain today.

Happy weekend, and to erase the blackness of the previous dire warning, I will leave you with this funny, favourite motto:  "Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out alive."

(Or was that still too macabre?)



Ais said...

baby carrots are just full sized carrots, that they cut down into smaller bite sized pieces.

Pumpkin said...

You are you and no matter what it is your life. The others don't matter. I adore your adventurous nature. It is beautiful. So are you. I think they are just jealous! :D

mom said...

Nice "words of wisdom" cheery!!

Caitie said...


Pumpkin--Those are some of the kindest words I've had in awhile! Thank-you so much :-)

Mom--No kiddin'