Friday, 30 December 2011

Okay, Now I'll Talk About Boxing Day

Back home, December 26th is known as Boxing Day. It's a day when most people rip into the retail stores in a consumer frenzy to buy mass quantities of discounted items. I really, really hate Boxing Day for that reason. I won't deny the argument that where big ticket items are concerned, that special 50% off day can be a very rewarding 24 hours to patiently wait for. It's just not for me.

I especially hated it when Dan had a retail job at an electronics store and he was absolutely not allowed to not only have Boxing Day off, but also anytime in the week leading up to Christmas. This made it very difficult to plan Christmas with his mom and brother who lived four hours away and also had their own work schedules.

Also, I remember my sister Meghan working until 8 p.m. one Christmas Eve because she wasn't allowed to leave her store until everything was set-up for Boxing Day. And then on Boxing Day, she had to be in at work at 6 a.m., non-negotiable.

It really pisses me off, to be frank.

Why should people who work in retail have absolutely no time over the Christmas holidays to be with family or enjoy time off just because everyone else needs to run into the stores and dump the contents of their wallets in the cash registers?

Oh right.

That's the reason.

So back home I did boycott Boxing Day, but here in Switzerland there's no need: everything's closed anyhow on the 26th and when regular business resumes, guess what? All that same crap is still discounted 50% off anyhow and it will be until at least mid-January.

So how did we spend our shopping-free Boxing Day? Well, we went snowshoeing up in the mountains of course! This was the first time we'd been snowshoeing here, and it was a very different experience from what we were used to in Canada.

Back home, we used to regularly steal Mom and Dad's snowshoes and head outside the city limits for an afternoon of breaking our own trail. However, at the resort where we chose to snowshoe on Monday, the trails are already broken for you and you aren't allowed to veer off them. It probably would have been easier to just walk the trails with a pair of poles, but we had an amazing day in the sun and I got a few pictures.

View from the parking lot

Paragliders hitting the slopes

It was a panorama of beauty!

Family sledding area of the resort

Footprints in the snow

Dan, being his usual photogenic badass self

I really like this picture.
I just don't know why.

A very obscure look at where we stopped for lunch.
(Shh...don't tell, but we went off the trail a bit.)

Dan's victory pose after he MacGyvered my pole back together.
Twenty minutes later my other one broke.

A hibernating summer hut.

So dear.

All the blue was hurting my eyes.

So Internet, anyone out there know of any good places to snowshoe in Switzerland where you can break your own trail?

Do tell.

Otherwise...HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Ais said...

Looks like you had a nice day! We were going to go snowshoeing but there wasn't enough snow! It's been so warm here. And I agree about boxing day. Why does it have to be such a big deal on the one day? Why not just have a week long sale after Christmas? Apparently the downtown Coopers was closed boxing day which is nice

Julia said...

love the pictures where is this?!

Caitie said...

Julia--The place is called..wait for it...Gurnigel. Weird name, awesome day resort.

M'dame Jo said...

Lucky you. No snow on this side of the Alps. I wanted to go snowshoeing in Jura for NY, but the weather was crappy and the snow had melted.