Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Gift Idea: A Tattoo

I know, I know I can hear all of you.

What is she thinking? That's the worst idea I've ever heard! I never want to play Secret Santa with her! This is a TERRIBLE idea.


And I can see the mothers and fathers out there, their hands tucked tightly under their arms with their lips pursed in a thin line of disapproval.

No one's tattooing my baby! I don't even care if my baby is 45 years old and has male pattern baldness. I will not allow it!

But hear me out. This suggestion is probably more in line with buying yourself something for Christmas or else surprising that certain someone that you know really, really well and know they want a tattoo but for reasons that probably come down to being a chicken, haven't gone and done it yet.

It's a cool idea for the person you know will be receptive of it, and I have a little elf visiting A Cait's Life today to share with you all her own tattoo experience.

Internet, here's my sister's experience with finally getting her tattoo.


Aislinn, I recall you've always been interested in tattoos. Is it fair to say that we can attribute this fascination to one AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys (that tattooed bad boy you inexplicably had a crush on when everyone knows Kevin was way better), or a certain high school rebel who flipped hamburger patties at Wendy's and was the drum player in a band?

Hmmmmm......I guess you can say that I've always been in favour of a little bit of edge!  I don't tend to gravitate to the 'clean cut' type if that's what you're asking!

You've been interested in getting a tattoo for years, what made you decide to go for it now?

Yes, I have always liked tattoos, and wanted to get one myself.  Besides the fact that I'm extremely indecisive (what kind of tattoo should I get, what should it look like, where should I put it, how big should it be etc...), I'm also a huge procrastinator!  I've been thinking about doing it for a few years, and one day I just woke up and though "today is the day!"  I went to the tattoo place a few hours later and made the appointment!  That's how it is with me.  I have to do something the very moment it strikes me, or I will probably go ahead and put it off for another few months!

Your tattoo is the phrase 'beautiful dream' and wraps modestly around your ribcage. Can you please tell us why you decided to have this phrase tattooed on your ribcage, rather than the Chinese symbol for 'wooden spoon' or 'garbage truck' stamped onto your lower back?

Well Caitie, as much as I love a good wooden spoon (they're so useful!) and the sound of a garbage truck first thing in the morning, the phrase 'beautiful dream' is actually the meaning of my name in Gaelic.  I decided to have it put on my ribcage because I didn't want it to be visible when wearing a gown to an elaborate ball, or when meeting the Queen for example.  I want to know that it's there, but I don't want to splash it all around and get in peoples faces with it!  Also, I wanted to give my name a bit of credibility!  Growing up, my name was mispronounced once or twice.  My name is properly pronounced ACE-LYNN, but for some reason I was called ASS-LYNN (thanks a lot substitute teacher), ALYSA-LYNN, ANSLEY, and my favourite, just AAA.......mumble mumble mumble.  AKA: WTF is this person's name?????  My name is a real name people!  See?  It even has a meaning!!!!!

Do you laugh at people who have butterfly or Tweetie Bird tattoos? Or the Bacardi Bat on their ankle? For the record, I do.

I don't laugh.....hard.  I mostly just wonder if they wake up every day, and see that damn yellow bird all stretched and faded and think "maybe getting a tattoo when I was 16 wasn't the best idea."

Did you go to the tattoo shop on 4th Avenue that has the intimidating and non-conforming operational hours of: "Open: When we get here. Closed: When we leave."?

No, I actually went to Eye Candy Ink Tattoos up on Notre Dame!  I highly recommend it!

Was your tattoo artist a Kat von D type?

Not at all!  My tattoo artist was Clay Walker (no, not the 1990's country singer), who was awesome!  I would go back to him for sure!

Did it hurt?

That's like asking if eating salt and vinegar chips with a paper cut on your finger stings.  Yes!  But to be honest, it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would.  Getting a tattoo on your ribs, or any area with bone underneath, is going to be more painful.  The whole thing took about ten minutes all said and done!

Tattooing is definitely something that is becoming more mainstream amongst Canada's younger generations. When we were floating down the river this summer, I observed dozens and dozens of our peers with tattoos and it's becoming quite the norm to see young men with tattoo sleeves, and girls with large murals on their backs. Why do you think this is? I personally point a finger at David Beckham and Angelina Jolie.

I think that tattoos are just a way for people to express themselves a little bit more permanently than say a new hair style.  Tattooing is not taboo like it used to be, and pretty much everyone has one!  The more mainstream tattoos becomes, the less people are afraid of them, and the more curious they become.  Unfortunately, some people are a bit careless about it (see question 5, regarding Tweetie Bird and the Bacardi Bat tattoos).

Do you agree with the idea that sleeve tattoos are now the Wal-Mart of rebellion?

No, not really.  Sleeve tattoos are just a certain look that some people want to go for, or they're the type of person who has lots and lots of tattoo ideas in their head and thinks, why not just make a sleeve out of it?  I think a sleeve tattoo is something that you should build on over time though.  Not just go in one day and get an entire sleeve done.  It usually ends up looking kind of lame and pointless.

Lastly, here's a virtual high five for finally doing what you've wanted to do for years (Though dangit! Why didn't you do it when I was home so I could have watched!?). I think your tatt (am I cool enough to use that word?) is wicked awesome and I love it! Do you have any advice for anyone who is toying with the idea of getting a tattoo, but are unsure if they should go for it?

Do it!  When I was toying with whether or not to do it, one thought I had was "do I want to permanently mark my body?  Do I want to lose that level of pureness of just being in a totally natural state?"  But honestly,  I don't regret it at all!  If you're unsure, stick to something small, and in a spot where it will be covered.  Maybe steer clear of say, a neck tattoo :)  But only do it if in the back of your head, you know you really want one.


There you go Internet.

Christmas Gift Idea: a tattoo.

Trust me, it's a gift they'll never forget.

(Unless they get it lasered off, then maybe...)


Dad said...

I do like Aislinn's 'tat', but please full sleeves, neck tattoos, or tattoos anywhere that will compromise the uncompromising beauty that nature has given you. Love Dad.

Ais said...

Thanks Dad :) I'm glad that you like it! A neck tattoo is next!!!!! JK ;)

Dad said...


Anonymous said...

hey nice tat Ais

You've inspired me to look up the meaning of my name: "God is my Judge"
...hmm...considering that the only time I end up in a church is for a wedding, I don't expect a warm welcome at St. Peter's Gate.
Good on you though to have thought about it first and not succumb to a bad bet at the bar @ 1 am to get it done. It looks very nice.


Caitie said...

Dad--I was going to get that Mike Tyson face tattoo...hope you don't mind :-s

Ais--Make sure your neck tattoo is really inspired. Like maybe some dice.

Dan--Why didn't you tell Aislinn about that full sleeve tattoo of the badminton racket and birdie that you got?

Ais said...

Thanks Dan! I'm pretty happy with it :)

ADmin said...

really submitted to printing a thousand sum of 3,000 duplicates! They rapidly adapted that after the seismic tremor