Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Gift Idea: An iPhone

I am not really one for using my handy cellular mobile telephone device that often (please note that I used every conceivable description possible. Yes!).  In fact, the only time I really use it is if I know I am meeting up with someone imminently, and we might have to send a couple of texts back and forth. Most of the time my phone is lost and out of battery power.

I know this seems absolutely insane in this day of technology, but it's how I roll.

Considering I do not tote my phone around like a needed appendage, you have probably guessed this means I do not own a 'smart phone'; this is probably quite smart of me because I have dropped my current phone five times. It has split apart five times. I have put it back together five times. It still works. I don't know if anything with a fragile touch screen would have stood for such abuse, thus far.

So I have merrily been going about my days with my clunky little cell that is usually blinking its last bar of battery life, and I have been blissfully clueless about the fact that I 'need' an iPhone in my life. You read that right: need.

Of course there are people near and dear to me who have iPhones, but I've never paid much attention to the phone because they were just using it to fire off emails or text messages or Facebook updates. Why would I need such a thing? I have my occasionally handy cell for texting, and my computer for all other forms of Internet usage. It seemed unnecessary.

But last night, that all changed.

I was shown the error of my ways.

The consumer fire monster did a tap dance on my heart and soul and I am forever changed. And this morning I am a hollow shell; half the woman that I was last night. And I don't think that I will be complete until that I have that rectangular little phone taking up residence in some crumby corner of my cavernous purse.

And what's the reason for this change, you ask?

It's because of this!
(photo courtesy of our friend, Sam)

The iPhone camera, my friends! Think of how many opportune cat pictures I have been missing out on!

Sam took some wicked cool pictures of Cosmo with his phone, and showed us some other pictures he'd taken on a trip to Munich, and I was all, " Cosmo....;lakhdgkhada."

That last articulate mashing of keys was my brain trying to figure out why I haven't bought an iPhone yet. And in case you're missing the point on why I need the iPhone it's strictly for its camera and all the cool apps that go with it.

Can you hear me Santa?

iPhone = iNeed.

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Ais said...

Cool photo! Does cosmo just hang out in his elf costume now? Haha, he loves it, I can tell :)