Monday, 28 November 2011


Today was the Onion Market in Bern, and I have got a few pictures to share with everyone. I missed the market last year because I was in transit returning from my cousin's wedding, but I've heard from a few people that it's quite the event and one should try and catch it. Last night Dan and I were lounging around making plans for today--his last day of holidays--and trying to decide when we were going to hit up the market.

"Well you know Cait, some of the vendors are set-up and selling their goods as early as 4 a.m."

Then I blinked.

A lot.

"I am not going anywhere at 4 a.m. unless it's to be shuttled to my private yacht off the coast of France."

"Okay, how about 6 a.m. Everything is open and in full swing then; everyone who has to work tomorrow will catch it then before they go to work."

"Do you even know me at all?"

We ended up showing up today at around 11, and it was packed. Honestly, maybe it's worth going early just so you can actually have a chance to browse the wares being sold at the vendor booths because really for most of the time I spent there I just felt like I was a cow in a chute, being pushed along the streets. If you stopped moving or tried to veer sideways to a booth, you got trampled. So needless to say I didn't really check out a lot of the vendor stands, most of which were selling (because this is an onion market) braided ropes of onions, though there were a lot of different wares being sold too. Dan and I were more interested in the food carts and it was fun to be part of the crowd, eat some divine garlic bread, and sip hot gluehwein.

The first thing I noticed though, when stepping off the bus, is that the streets were absolutely carpeted in confetti; this brings me to the one thing you need to be prepared for: kids (teens and tykes alike) walk around with bags of confetti and plastic hammers that make a squeaking sound. The point is they reach into their bag and throw handfuls of confetti at your face, rub it into your hair, and then bonk you over the head with the plastic hammer. It seems quite violent and unnecessary to me, the Canadian, but Dan said it's tradition and he used to be one of the little terrors holding a squeaking hammer and bag of confetti.

Of course, today he was rather immune to it because there was no one tall enough to throw confetti at his face, rub it in his hair, or hit him over the head with a squeaking toy hammer. I had to take a few for the team.

It was really fun.
















Though next year, I'm going to team up with a kid so I can do some confetti throwing of my own.


jessica said...

ahh the memories :)

love the photos!

T said...

That looks like fun! It sure doesn't look cold there either!

Caitie said...

Jessica--Best link ever! A recipe included :-) The market sure hasn't changed much in five years, eh?

T--It was fun, and you're right it is not cold here at all. Spring jacket for me, though today it is foggy and a bit nippy so hopefully we'll get some snow before Christmas.

Meg said...

Wow! Great pictures as always! This looked like a great day :)