Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Great Big Melting Pot

On the train this morning I scooped somebody's discarded 20 Minuten, which is the morning commuter newspaper that is chocka block full of hard hitting journalistic pieces. Articles that cover a range of topics from: "What the F-ck is Happening to the Economy?" to: "Can you Identify these Two Lusty Individuals Who Had a Quickie in the Parking Lot Beside their Car, Oblivious to the Surveillance Cameras Snapping Pics of Them."

It's a very cultivating experience for the mind, that daily review.

As I was skimming the paper I came to an article that advertised a restaurant in Zurich that is going to go Tex-Mex. Yummy, yummy, Tex-Mex. I do love me some good old fashioned bastardized Mexican cuisine. It really can't be beat, and now I'm craving a burrito bowl, some nachos, and loads of sour cream. Too bad I'm nowhere near the Rio Grande at the moment, so I guess it's lucky that I am only an hour train ride away from Zurich.

Who cares? You're thinking. So what, a restaurant going Tex-Mex style. Are you starting to write for the 20 Minuten? Is that why this blog post is so boring?

Bear with me, bear with me, I have a point (this time).

The name of the restaurant that is going Tex-Mex is called...The Iroquois.


Is anyone else besides me having a flash back to Grade 11 history? Anyone besides myself recalling that the Iroquois League was a nation of five North American indigenous tribes located along the North Eastern/Canadian border of the United States? A league of nations that banned together because strength in numbers meant they could control more land and be victorious in wars against their other indigenous rivals, which in the end we all know how that turns out for everyone involved once the dang Europeans arrived with their guns and smallpox diseased trading blankets.

But seriously, my present location is nowhere close to the Rio Grande and I can assure you that the Iroquois' territory definitely wasn't anywhere close to there, either. Which begs the question, what was The Iroquois serving up before they decided to go all Tex-Mex? Was there ever authenticity in the name? Well, they do have cream of corn soup on the menu, so I guess there's that...

But the California Chicken Salad doesn't really inspire confidence that the proprietors know the origins of their restaurant's name; nor does the Teriyaki Chicken Burger. However, the Iroquois bratwurst stand does boast a curry flavoured wiener, and I seem to recall in one of my history lessons learning that members of the Iroquois Nation were one of the first to sprinkle curry on their popcorn.

It's totally true. That's where the pilgrims who dreamed up Kernels got the idea from.

But maybe I'm being entirely unfair to be criticizing the literal application of the name 'Iroquois' to a restaurant that serves Tex-Mex and Teriyaki.

Maybe 'Iroqouis' is really a German word too, and it's a word that translates to meaning: "Menu of Many Conflicting Cuisines".

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