Thursday, 6 October 2011



Fact: to and including yesterday it was still hot enough to wear only shorts and a tank top. However, since September always gives me the urge to sharpen pencils, stack notebooks, and wear all my new Fall clothes, I have not been wearing weather appropriate attire and have suffered for it.

You don't understand how awesome my new sweater is and I need to wear it!

But this morning our weather took a decisive seasonal turn, and in case you can't read between the lines I am hoping that this means I can now wear all my Fall gear without becoming so...dewy, mid-way through my day.

Pip, pip.

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Ais said...

Ha! You and me both. I have a few things that I'd like to wear, but it's still too warm! This time of year is the worst for knowing what to wear. The mornings are cold enough to see your breath, half way through the day you're way too hot, then in the evenings your freezing. Yay early fall :)