Monday, 3 October 2011

Apparitions of Importance

I was out prowling around on Saturday morning, and came across this relic to a night ended.


Left perched on the side of a fountain, its thorny stem was submerged below the chilly waters.

The thin petals were starting to rust; too delicate to have been left out in the evening autumnal chill.


As I snapped these pictures, I wondered if the receiver couldn't bring it home but also couldn't bear to toss it, so she placed the stem in water so she could see it in the morning.

She could walk by it.


Or maybe the flower was forgotten.

It was left trailing in the water as two people trailed upstairs...

Or maybe it's just a rose.

And how it ended up in a fountain, down a side alley, means nothing at all.

Because sometimes, these things just happen.

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