Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Ranting and Rolling

Listen, I am pissed off right now and I'm so mad that I'm not even going to try and clean up my language. My beef isn't with a telephone agent, my blood isn't boiling because I feel I didn't get decent customer service, and I'm not simmering because of some in-a-rush-asshole who cut me off in traffic; what I'm seething over is a question about what is happening to basic fucking human morality.

Why the line between right and wrong has been kicked to shit in the sand and people are dancing all over it with absolutely no regard for their neighbours; their community; the strangers who've they've never met hence aren't important.

Fuck 'em.

Because isn't that what everybody says when they can't see the face of the person who's getting that sand kicked in their face?

This morning I was downtown with my parents at a local coffee shop. I used the washroom while I was there, and when I washed my hands I removed a ring that I was wearing and set it next to the sink. Do you see where I'm going with this?

About an hour and a half later I remembered that I'd forgotten to put the ring back on. I rushed to the coffee shop hoping that my ring was either (a) still in the bathroom, or (b) someone had turned it in. Unfortunately I ended up with option (c) some inconsiderate piece of morally questionable trash pocketed my ring instead of doing the right thing and leaving it where I left it or turning it over the counter.

That ring was something I had saved up to buy before moving to Switzerland; it was a statement ring that I had kept one eye on for months and absolutely loved, and I am heartbroken right now that someone kept it. That they saw my ring sitting on the counter and decided finders keepers losers weepers.

This isn't me moaning that I dropped my ring in the street, and who knows where it is. I know exactly what I did with it, I know exactly where I left it, and deep down when I was going back to the coffee shop I knew that my chances of option (c) being a reality were far greater than (a) or (b). The coffee barista was bothered when I told him that I had not held out a lot of hope for someone turning the ring in.

"It's unfortunate you felt that way."

"Actually, what's unfortunate is I was proven right."

I know everyone reading this is thinking I would have turned that ring in. I would have. So do it. The next time you find something that doesn't belong to you, prove me wrong. Don't pick option (c).

It would be really fucking nice to be proven wrong.


Habebi said...

Ohhhh man that does suck big time!!!! I am so, so sorry. That barista could've been a LOT kinder, what if it had been their valued possession?? Ugh. Such a shame on many levels.

Caitie said...

Thanks Habebi :-)

Jessica Maier said...

dick barista.
why not put a sign up in the bathroom, explaining. say "turn it in anonymously" or wahtever. tell your story. coffees shops tend to be frequented by regualrs and maybe you'll get to them

Lisa said...

Check facebook message regarding your ring! Let me know,