Friday, 16 September 2011

Pictures Du'Jour

I am currently living life like a narcoleptic.

It's not as restful as one might imagine it to be, but rather sort of irritating. Since splashing literal cold water on my face has been useless in jolting me out of my stupor, today I decided to do a proverbial splashing by going on a long walk.

Instead I found a really comfortable stump to sit on and rested there for awhile with my head lolling on my knees, trying to gather the energy to make it back home.

Jetlag sucks, but this is ridiculous.

I can't muster up the enthusiasm to say anything at the moment, though I have lots to say, so here's a few very interesting pictures taken during my last days in Kamloops.

Dog in water.

Dog shaking off water.

Bird in tree.

I'm off to get the mail now.

There are three flights of stairs I have to traverse. I think I better tie a rope to my waist leaving one end tied to my door knob, so that when I collapse under the mailboxes some kindly Samaritan will know which door I belong to and will drag me home.

At least, I hope they will.

It would be so embarrassing to fall asleep under the mailboxes with a rope tied to my waist, and no one does anything about it.


mom said...

Since no one had the decency to help you with your luggage on and off the train and bus I imagine they might leave you lying under the mail box!!!

Ais said...

Haha, give in to sleep! Get a bunch of rest, and you'll get back into your routine.