Monday, 26 September 2011

Let The Great World Spin

The first night that my sisters and I were in Vancouver we enjoyed a three course meal at a really great restaurant, and it was a steal of a deal. Along with our main course, we also had some wine. Two glasses each.

Two generous glasses each.

But still, two glasses each.

At the end of the meal I was feeling al-riiight. The night was warm, the sky was dark, and we decided to avoid any pubs full of grubs in favour of strolling along the seawall. Meghan kindly switched shoes with me so that I could stumble along in flats instead of my teetering wedges, and we headed down to the seawall where we saw a wedding taking place, where we watched the twinkling lights of the boats bob up and down in black glassy waters, where we spied on a couple huddled together on a bench--who, for the record had more enthusiasm than their surroundings deemed appropriate--and we spent time looking at window displays in overpriced stores picking if we'd rather have this or that.

As we were getting closer to Canada Place I glanced up at the window of a tall rise and noticed that reflected in the glass was an image I had never seen before in person. In fact, unless you are crazy smart, a chimpanzee, or one those unfortunate Russian dogs, I didn't think this image was something anyone could see in the flesh without first having to be, um, out of the flesh.

Now as you'll remember I was a teeny bit pickled at this point, so staring at the reflection of something I thought I'd only ever see if I was on my way up and out really freaked the shit out of me.

This is what I saw:

Guys, it's the EARTH.

After staring at this, the following thoughts went through my head in the space of one to two seconds:

Am I alive?

What the F-----------------------------CK!


I'm so confused.

What does it mean?


It's the earth.

Earth, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at home, in space?

If you're not home, am I home?


I'm not hero material. I hope no one needs saving.

How do I play this cool?

Do I ask Meg and Ais about it.....?

"So, girls. Um, I don't know if you can see this too, but what the heck is the earth doing in that window reflection? Am I right? Like, um...okay."

"Yeah Caitie, it's a reflection from the giant globe hanging in the conference centre across the street."

"The conference centre? Giant globe," just play it cool. "Yeah, of course. Wicked cool. I was like, wha??? before that. You know. But then I was like, nah. You too? Maybe?"

The answer is no, they did not think this. I believe I was the only one who thought for a second that the earth had 'left home' in order to shine in a tall rise window.

No, I did not excel at astronomy if that's what you're wondering.

Conference centre.


So yeah, that's what apparently happens to me on two glasses of wine in a city of mind games.

Sorry about accusing you of leaving us, World. You do a great job, spinning around up there.

As you were.


mom said...

good one Cait...LOL

Ais said...

Hahaha! I remember seeing the Earth reflection too and being like "Where is that coming from????" Finally we looked and saw it spinning around inside. Pretty cool though for sure! And why don't you have any pictures of the Sparkly Orca????