Saturday, 3 September 2011

Home, Home On The Range

Since I have been posting, it's obvious that dear Jana did not kick me into next week despite my shameful complaining about not being able to sleep in past 9 a.m. on a Saturday. Let's be honest though, when we met up on Sunday to take pictures of her gorgeous family, it was far too hot to exert any sort of effort beyond reaching for the ice tea (wherein I mistakingly downed Trent's instead of my own, and accidentally said a bad word in front of the kidlets when I realized my mistake), and I maintain that might be the only reason I'm here in the present.

But that could all change, you see last night I got a very desperate email from my fair friend demanding that I get my act together and send her some pictures of our Sunday family photo shoot. Never one to deny a friend, I managed to send her two whole pictures before the little elves that deliver emails went on strike and refused to pass on my other messages.

I was very stressed about this.

So Jana, this one's for you. Here's one more picture from our Sunday photo shoot.


I know, I'm so generous (and terribly mean). Now you really have to let me stay in the present if you want the rest of your pictures.

See you Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch, the pain of betrayal!!!
Ha Ha, See I still haven't left to go camping and I am still checking your blog every minute!!