Sunday, 21 August 2011

There's No Place Like Home

I've been back in Kamloops for just over a week, and it feels good to be home. Some particular highlights for me are that my mom has been packing my lunch everyday, which is pretty sweet because my mom always makes awesome lunches (though, I'm not sure my coworkers appreciate the garlicky hummus I've been indulging in. Yo Trident, make a gum that can deal with hummus breath); I've gone out for lunch once with a good friend, and have plans for many more lunch dates; yesterday I was whisked away on a birthday road trip to Kelowna, then afterwards I went swimming in the Okanagan lake with my dad and sisters; I got my hair cut by a girl who not only understood me, but made me look just like the picture; I've eaten kettle cooked potato chips; I've played with our dog; I've watched movies with my sisters, and sat out on the patio with Mom and Dad, chatting away the twilight hours until candle flames are all we see.

It's nice to know that home is always so home-y.

A few things I've noticed though:

(1) I think I have Spiderman hearing now. I am having a really hard time focusing on conversations with friends when we're out in public, because I can understand EVERYONE around me and these conversations seem really amplified and loud (even though they're normal decibels). So far I cannot filter out the noise and focus just on the person I'm talking with. It's weird and probably frustrating for the person I'm talking to because I'm definitely not a 100% present.

(2) Last night I went to the grocery store with my sister--at 10:00 p.m. Guys, I totally skulked in there and felt guilty I was shopping so late. Then I picked up some peaches and felt really confused why I couldn't find the price scale so I could weigh the fruit and get the bar code needed for the cashier. Then I remembered: oh yeah, I wasn't at Migros. This was further proven by the hysterical giggling I erupted into when I entered the potato chip aisle and remembered how big it was. I felt out of proportion with my surroundings as everything was so huge and I felt really small. Aislinn had to practically drag me out of the dairy aisle I was so shocked by the size and the selection, and just stood in one place staring at everything. Let me clarify to you all, we were in a grocery store I used to frequent with regularity when I lived here.

(3) Everything is so cheap! Mom and Dad were mentioning that they'd considered taking me to The Keg for lobster fest when I first landed (a treat that always lands around my birthday), but decided against it because it was too expensive.

"A lobster tail and steak is going to cost about $45," Mom said as she shook her head in disbelief.

I burst out laughing. A steak AND lobster tail AND the side potato all for $45 Canadian? That is freaking cheap! Yesterday in the grocery store I could have purchased an entire log of extra lean local ground beef for $17. I mean seriously, it's amazing! I've been stocking up on personal necessities like new p.j.'s and socks, etc..., and every time I go to the register I feel like I'm stealing when I get my total. It's so great!

(4) People are so chatty. I don't like going into stores and being greeted as soon as I walk in, being asked if I need anything as I'm browsing, and what I'm doing for the rest of the day as I pay. I don't like this at all. I want people to leave me alone to shop in peace. Also, a complete and total stranger leaned over the fence of the restaurant patio last weekend as I was having lunch, and commented on how great lunch looked. Weirdness! 

(Can you tell that lunch is a really big deal to me at the moment? Probably because I can eat lunch...FOR UNDER TEN DOLLARS.)

(5) I miss driving more than I thought I did. Mom and Dad have let me drive their car twice (this is a big deal, and anyone who knows our family is feeling quite surprised right now) and I miss the freedom of not being shackled to the schedule of public transit. I like coming and going as I please, singing in the car.

(6) Right now, as I type this, a City employee is working on a Sunday in my parent's house installing a meter(and swearing and cursing over the job). Let me repeat: he's working on a Sunday. I feel bad for him. Our banks are also starting to be open on Sundays here, and that blows my mind. How much longer until all professions are expected to be available seven days a week? That makes me uncomfortable because when do people have time to be with their families if everyone is on different schedules?

(7) The open space. I missed it, and today my sister and I are going for a walk in those fields.


My laptop battery pack fried and died, so hopefully I can get up to the store to get it replaced sooner than later. When I do, pictures to follow.


mom said...

and it's great to have you home Miss Cait!!

Habebi said...

I remember the sticker shock coming back home from Japan, especially when it came to beef products!!! lol

Those wide open spaces are nice and driving. Glad you're having fun! Hope you don't get harassed too much out in public anymore!

Oh and yeah tell me about it, so many places open seven days a week?! Is the weekend not sacred anymore? I think Oklahoma is a bit too religious to make city workers work on a Sunday, but, it wouldn't surprise me if they did!