Friday, 5 August 2011

Castle In The Sky

Today I feel like a Red Bull addict going through withdrawal.

Where's ma juice? I need ma juice! Ma heart's racin' all funny!

I can't explain it.

So this picture I took in Adelboden is keeping me calm.

I hate Red Bull, by the way. It's disgusting and tastes like medicine.

Also, I swear I can feel my teeth rotting as that sugary adrenaline passes by them.

Obviously this post was not sponsored by Red Bull.

Maybe I'll make sense on Monday.



Ais said...

Very cool!

P.S. I hate Red Bull too! Yuck!

mom said...

That picture turned out great Cait!

T said...

I hate red bull too! Except sometimes it tastes ok with vodka or whisky...

Cool picture!