Wednesday, 20 July 2011

We're Swimming In The Rain. What A Glorious Feeling, Just Swimming In the Rain.

This post is out of context.

It's not a sequential retelling of Mom and Dad's time here. In fact, this post contains the details of their last Saturday in CH, before they left on Monday. But I just didn't feel that it was right for you to go another day without seeing my very favourite picture that I took of Mom and Dad while they were here.

And I can't just show you the picture.

I have to put it in context.

Even if that means the details of our adventures together are out of context.


So on the last weekend that my parent's were here in Switzerland we realized that they had taken every single mode of transport that Switzerland has to offer, except the boat. And since Mom and Dad were smart travellers and bought the Swiss travel pass for their time here, there was no reason they shouldn't have taken a boat ride yet because with their pass IT'S FREE.

Our Saturday dawned sunny and beautiful, so The Man With The Plan Dan (he seriously plans the best trips), decided we'd all take a boat ride around Thun lake, and then we'd hop off the ship at Merligen and go for a swim in their outdoor pool. Merligen holds a special place in Dan's nostalgic heart, because as a kid he and his brother spent about 80% of their summer days in that pool, splashing around with friends. He was excited to show us this little pool perched on the edge of the lake, and it was decided we'd all go for a swim.

This was our ride.
It's over a 100 years old.

We headed down to Thun were we hopped off the train, crossed the road, and boarded the ship.


We snagged some killer seats at the front, and kicked back for our three hour tour.

(Okay fine, it was more like an hour tour. I won't mix anymore Gilligan's Island comparisons into this post. That would be out of context.)

The lake views were stunning...

..times two.

We criss-crossed the lake for just over an hour, enjoying coffees and carbonated apple juice, before reaching Merligen.

Everyone ready to jump in and have the best time of your life!

Okay, that was only the kiddy pool. Here's were we actually swam.

Super kick-ass, times a million!

But as you can see, the sun was fast disappearing at this point. As Dad was just on the mend from a bad flu that he'd come down with earlier in the week, he and Mom decided that they'd just relax under the trees while Dan and I got our crazy on and jumped into the cold waters.

I jumped in.

Then got out again.


And never went back.

It was cold, okay. I'm just a delicate flower.

Dan loved it though...

...times two.

The best thing about this pool is that you can jump straight into the lake.

Like a bridge over frigid waters...

Dan hopped into the lake a few times, and kept telling me it was so awesome and I definitely had to go in too because it was the most awesome thing ever. And also, it was awesome.

I chose to simply take his word for it.
I only jump into lakes when the sun shines.
And even then it needs to feel like it's beating down on me through that hole in the ozone.

Dan paddled about for awhile while Mom, Dad, and I hung out under the trees just relaxing and avoiding the rain. Because yes, it had started to rain. And yes, Dan was still swimming.

But then it began to thunder, and everyone had to get out of the pool and lake.
It's raining...raindrops...

And as we were waiting for Dan to get changed that's when I took my favourite picture of Mom and Dad, ever.

Mom and Dad

- The End -

P.S. Do you like sour Skittles? Or is that question out of context?


Habebi said...

Oh wow that's a great story, fantastic pictures, and an even more fantastic picture! I appreciate the context btw I really do. :-)

mom said...

Thanks Cait! That was a fun day, rain and all.

T said...

Sounds like such a great day! I wish I was a master planner (I always end up cramming too much in and we're exhausted and groucy by the end of the day). Great picture! They look so happy!

Ais said...

Sounds fun, and that pool looks amazing! Too bad it rained though :( Great picture of Mom and Dad too btw! ....and I hate sour skittles. Tell Dan I said so :)

Caitie said...

Ais--First it's badminton, now sour skittles. I don't think he's going to be able to handle the rejection of two of his favourite things. You best tread lightly when you DEFINITELY come for a visit ;-)

Ais said...

Lol, I still have to ask if I can even have the time off. But we shall see!