Wednesday, 13 July 2011

River Deep, Mountain High

Back in the year 2009, when Dan and I officially decided we were going do this thang and move to Switzerland, it was a very deep breath I took before I gently broke the news to Mom and Dad. Their reaction to this news looked much like that of a Newfoundlander driving along their infamous stretch of the Trans Canada Highway, right after a moose steps out on the road in front of them.

To verbalize, they looked something like this: "What the...ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME??!!"

But despite the fact they obviously didn't want me to move away (because who wouldn't want to be around me 24/7, am I right or am I right?! Hell yeah!) they were supportive. They even willing drove me and two yowling cats on a four hour journey to the airport so I could board my Zurich-bound flight. They even bought me breakfast.

So when they stepped off the plane in Zurich three short weeks ago, I knew that I had to bring it. I had to show my parents what I thought Switzerland was all about so that they would understand, in a way that only comes from first hand experience, why Dan and I wanted to spend some time here.

Don't mind if I do, but I think I'll just stop here to brag: Internet, I did done bring it.

Oh damn, it was brung.

It was...some other terribly slang expression I can't think of.

Since Kamloops and area seems to be suffering from a shy summer that doesn't want to show itself, I was especially pleased that the first hike of their trip was not only sunny and scenic, but it was also hot. Way to go Switzerland! Thanks for having some damn perfect weather that Sunday. You and your lighting technicians nailed it, and I don't think we saw a single bad angle, blemish, or fat roll. Well done.

The start of our journey found us in Brienz where we boarded a special steam engine for a thirty minute ride up a very steep incline.


As we puffed up the mountain, we passed some cows and other cute wildlife.


When we got to the top, rather than immediately start on hike we decided to be fully present in the Now (Oprah, you will be missed, even though I haven't seen your show since grade 11) and have a coffee on the patio that overlooked the Brienzersee.


It was at that moment that I sort of guessed Dad really liked Switzerland.


When we finished our coffees we hit the trail and couldn't help but look back. And sideways. And up. And down.


The hike itself wasn't too difficult and I am proud that I can say that this year, because last year I would have been staggering up the rocky incline, looking woozily over the edge, and wondering what if I threw myself over to reach the bottom? Would it really hurt that bad? Like, would death be that terrible? This year I only looked over the edge to marvel at the fact that it was a long way down to the lake if I tripped.


It was a home run day, and Mom and Dad just kept exclaiming over and over what a great time they were having, and what a beautiful view it was from the top.


Of course, the fact we liquored 'em up might not have hurt their first impressions either.


Dad said...

As I refelect from my desk; oh how I miss being on that mountain. What a great day it was.

mom said...

I second Dad's comment. What a goregeous day and what fun we had. Can't wait to do it all over again :-))

T said...

Beautiful pictures Caitie! I'm still hoping that the day comes that I can come visit you before you guys up and move back to Canada! At least the school part will be out of the way soon :)

Habebi said...

Yeah that is some pretty, pretty awesomeness there!! Just looking at that makes me want to live there- stunning!! Can you bring it to me sometime?? Please, oh please? ;-)

Ais said...

Yay! Glad Mom and Dad had such a great time. Makes me want to come back :)