Tuesday, 21 June 2011


On Saturday Dan and I were invited to a dinner party where we ate THE BEST food.

This was a dinner that was so good, where I ate so much food, so much dessert, so much of the final cheese course, and had so much wine, that I reached diner's nirvana. In case you're wondering, diner's nirvana is this pleasant fuzzy feeling of gluttony and merriment where you can't imagine ever being hungry again, but what the hell! Of course you'll try the cheese. And have three more glasses of wine.

As everyone at the table was grooving in their seats to some old Swiss tunes, I looked around and woozily wondered when was the last time we'd stayed out until 2 a.m. Yeah, it was actually only 11:00 p.m. when Dan had to roll me out the door. Oops.

Great night, though.


T said...

haha, I'm pretty much gone by 12 these days too!Diner's Nirvana is the perfect description of that feeling!

Habebi said...

Diner's nirvana is so dead on! I love that feeling! Almost had that Saturday night, then internet issues (tv needs the internets to work properly) got in the way and delayed the dessert course. Near nirvana gone, but, I did enjoy the good food. Glad you got a good dose of 'enlightment'! lol