Sunday, 8 May 2011

My Mom


This is my mom and dad.

You may remember these two crazy kids from this post back in November when I sung their praises.

Well, today is Mother's Day so how about I clear out my vocal cords and....oh, don't worry Mom I won't sing.  But I still reserve the right to boast about how rad you are.

I consider myself really lucky to have the mom that I do, because we have a great relationship. Of course I'd be lying and airbrushing my life if I said this relationship was, "So rosy and perfect, and we never disagree or get annoyed with each other," because I don't really consider that healthy for any relationship let alone a realistic description between that of a parent and a child.

Because growing up, that was the distinction: my mom was my mom.

She wasn't my friend, she was the woman who was there to nurture me, to scold me when deserved (and sometimes when it wasn't: I mean come on Mom, no one cleans their room anymore. It's so 1800's), to buy me a treat when I was feeling down, but then to yank me back up from the ground when I'd been there too long. To praise me when I did something outstanding, and to hold me accountable when I hadn't. I always knew that my mom loved me even if I thought she was being unfair.

I think I can confidently speak on behalf of both my sisters and say that our Mom (and Dad too) is our rock.

So, did anyone else used to watch Darkwing Duck? Are your heads officially spinning right now at this old school Disney cartoon reference? I still kind of remember the chorus:

Daring duck of mystery,
Champion of right,
Swoops out of the shadows,
Darkwing owns the night
(lala something I can't remember lala).
 Darkwing Duck!
When there's trouble you call DW.
Darkwing Duck!
Let's get dang-er-ous.

So the line 'when there's trouble you call DW' reminds me of Mom because those are her initials. And I used to sometimes sing that line to myself mostly just for fun, but on an unconscious level also realizing it to be true.
When there's trouble you call DW.
I remember one time standing confusedly on our front lawn while the lady who delivered the junk mail flyers stood at the end of our long gravel drive, yelling for me to 'get control of [my] dog!' I looked to my canine companion who was peacefully standing by side. Was this lady speaking of Bess? Our Setter with the Irish red coat and who had blind milky blue eyes and a bark that didn't exist?
Internet, because I want you to know how wonderful my mom is, I will summarize with the story of Bess.
One of my Dad's postings was a town way way way up in Northern British Columbia. We had neighbours (and remember, we were living in remote British Columbia: neighbour means the person up the road, not over the fence) that had a gorgeous dog, but the husband abused the dog. He left her outside on frigid Canadian winter nights, he wouldn't feed her, and he used to beat her with whatever instrument he could get his hands on.
That dog was Bess.
My mom would be walking with me and Meghan, and Bess would timidly come to the road to greet my mom. She was starved in more ways than one, and what Bess wanted was a tender touch.
It would have been easier for my mom to just start walking another route, or to not stop and stroke the silky red hairs on Bess' trembling frame. It would have been easier to not see. But mom did see, and she announced to my Dad that she absolutely was not going to stand idly by and let that man continue to treat his dog that way anymore. She was taking her. So, in the night, with the blessing of the man's wife's purposefully turned blind eye, Mom took Bess.
Then Bess had to immediately be taken to the vet's office in a city over an hour away, because in addition to a long list of ailments she was also suffering from distemper, which everyone knows can be fatal to dogs. I can't remember how long Bess stayed at the vet's but it was long enough to warrant a very pricey bill. A bill that my mom paid for by sitting hunched over her sewing machine, crafting doorstop ducks that she sold around the community.
My Dad laughs when he says that Bess was the first one in our truck when it was time for us to move away from that town.
When there's trouble you call DW.
So I am ten years old, standing on our front lawn with lanky Bess by my side, and she's blindly sniffing the air wondering about the commotion as the junk mail lady stands at the end of the drive yelling hysterically for the dog to be contained. Obviously alerted to the commotion, my mom comes outside to see what's going on.
It took exactly 3.3 seconds for my mom to loose her temper as this woman shouted at us to control our very placid dog.
"WHO ARE YOU YELLING AT? The dog's nowhere near you. Are you so stunned that you can't tell that the she's blind! She never barks! She will not approach you!"
"If you don't keep that dog contained, I won't deliver you these flyers!"
"GOOD. I don't want that garbage anyhow! Give them to my neighbours!"
Then my mom slammed the front door and the junk mail lady remained standing at the edge of the drive for a second before she walked away.
A couple of days later her superior paid us a visit to find out how we could resolve the issue. Could we keep Bess in the garage? In the house? In the backyard?
No. No. No.
"My dog has done nothing to her, never would do anything to her, and will not be shut away as though she has."
That's my mom. She will always go out of her way to help someone if they are in need. She will do anything in her power to make sure she has the means to help someone. She will defend them if they can't do it themselves.
And most importantly: she will not take any shit, from anyone.
When there's trouble you call DW.
Love you Mom.


Mom said...

Thanks Cait, for your blog :-) I remember that incident with Bess and the flyer lady so well. Poor Bess, she wouldn't have hurt a fly. Love you and miss you.


Meg said...

Aw great post and great story! Mom's the best:) How lucky we have been to have such amazing parents.

T said...

Beautiful post Caitie!

Anonymous said...

Awww, so sweet! I bet your mom's proud of you too Caitie!! But now I'm going to have that line going through my head!!
Hope you are having a great May!!

Ais said...

Great post Cait :) And like Meg said, we're so lucky to have such great parents.....and such an awesome family! Lol. Love all of you guys!!!!

Ais said...

Aw, thats such a cute picture of Mom and Dad too! :)