Sunday, 1 May 2011

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds


Okay so I don't know anyone named Lucy (except for the character of Lucy Eleanor Moderatz from While You Were Sleeping, a movie that I bust out every Christmas and have seen waaaaay too many times, yet still not enough), but the sky was full of diamonds last night.


Gleenn said...

Wow! This is very beautiful. I haven't seen a rainbow as pretty. Thanks for sharing. Wish you a wonderful week.

p.s. I sent you an email inquiring for a possible interview. :)

mom said...


Meg said...

Just the kind of rainbow and place where you can picture a pot of gold and leprechaun waiting at the end. Amazing photo.

Helen said...

WWYS is one of my favourite ever films and I too have not yet seen it enough. And now I want to ditch work and go home to watch it again.

Caitie said...

Thanks everyone for the nice words about the pictures :-)

@Helen - The newspaper boy. On the bike. Cracks me up every time. Every. time.