Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Left Brainy

On Saturday morning, Dan turned on the television and had it in the background as we got our breakfast ready. Because it's Dan, he made sure the channel 'just happened' to be one that was play a kid's cartoon. Specifically, The Fantastic Four.

Dan pretended to continue to try and help with breakfast, but really that means he stood in our eating area with a placemat clutched in his hands teetering between setting it on the table, and just holding it while he watched the cartoon.

He's very good at this and can successfully avoid entire meal preparations by taking forever and a day to set the table.

In the kitchen I was listening to these stiff 1960's cartoon voices worry about time-travel, and making sure they didn't end up in a time where they already existed, because that might crease the fabric of time (or something).

Personally, I think it would be unwise to time travel to a time you already exist in, because if you show up in front of your past or future self, you're going to give yourself a heart attack and then you're really screwed because chances are you have just killed off your past self, which means your time travelling self can't exist, and you'll just disappear, or you've killed your future self, in which case aren't you now just like a jug of milk in the fridge? The expiration date clearly looming over your head?

Since this was obviously an important query, I mentioned it to Dan.

Then he broke his gaze away from the television and looked at me in confusion.

"You understand the cartoon?"

"Of course, it's not that early in the morning."

"But...wait? Is this cartoon playing in English????????????????????????"

"Yeeeeeeees," I replied as slowly as possible.

"I didn't even think about it, I just thought it was German. That's weird."


Dan switches between English and Swiss-German like nothing, which stuns me. I can't comprehend it and probably won't for awhile yet. And the fact that he watches television and simply understands it, without giving two thoughts to the language it's being broadcast in, well: that's insane to me.


In other news, he channeled those fantastic superheros and ran a race that very day.

In the pouring rain.

With 25,000 other people.

In the pouring, pelting, pummeling rain.

Where it also was thundering and lightening.

Poor me, I had to wait under my big umbrella at the finish line where I remained toasty warm and as dry as my old history professor's personality.

(Dan's a giant, in case I haven't mentioned that.)

It's (not such) a tough life being a fan girl.


Ais said...

Go Dan Go!!!!!

Deb said...

Way to go Dan! Congrats on the race! 1/2 marathon next :-)

T said...

Way to go Dan! Haha, I love how you casually sum up the end that he ran a race.

I don't get those bilingual folks either. I remember when I was in Switzerland the girl we were staying with started rambling something out in Swiss German to me and it took her a few moments to clue in that my blank stare was because she didn't realize she wasn't speaking English!

Meg said...

Congrats on the race Dan! And not backing out because of the weather.

Shawn said...

Running when there's lightning?Dan, you must have forgotten that you're 6'4".....a lightning rod in Asics runners!

Caitie said...

Ais--Thanks Ais, he was proud :-)

Mom--Crazy! ;-)

Thriza--Yeah, sometimes Dan speaks to me in SG without realizing it, but since I'm trying to learn German anyhow, I usually nod my head and try to muddle through what he's said.

Meg--He was drenched! Everyone who ran looked like they'd just stepped out of the shower. I think the girls that were wearing non-waterproof mascara made a particularly sad sight. Poor little raccoons.

Dad--Don't forget he's taller than
6'4. Definitely a lightening rod, but a very easy one to spy in the crowds ;-)