Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Easter's Coming


Are you as scared as I am?

I don't like the Swiss Easter Bunny and his buck-tooth bride.

I am going to lock my door.

I don't want those delicate hands nestling chocolate eggs amongst my couch cushions and plants.

No thanks.

Keep moving Easter Bunny.

Keep moving.


T said...

Haha, scary! Do the swiss celebrate easter much differently than we do?

Caitie said...

Isn't it freaky! haha. I think they celebrate pretty much the same as back home. Each canton predominantly practices a different religion (ie. Bern is Protestant, other ones are Catholic) so I think that public Easter celebrations could differ from canton to canton. But there is Easter Friday and Easter Sunday services, and Dan remembers running around collecting baskets of hidden chocolate goodies, just like the kiddos back home do. But when I asked him last night about it he said the main difference between CH and CA is that here 'you eat a lot of hard boiled fact, we better boil up a dozen for Easter.' And to clarify he didn't mean to decorate these eggs, he just meant you sit around and eat a crap load of eggs with mayo. I'm not sure why...

M'dame Jo said...

Geneva, Waadt/Vaud, Neuenburg/Neuch√Ętel and a bunch of alemanic cantons are protestant.