Saturday, 30 April 2011

Did You Watch?

Yesterday I watched the Royal Wedding on the BBC coverage that we pick up here in Switzerland. I sat on my couch with my knees pulled up around my chin, my arms wrapped around my legs, and a big grin on my face for the whole ceremony.

I thought the wedding was beautiful and I did think it was important.

With an event of this magnitude, it would be impossible to not have those who criticise the public focus on the wedding and who think that media efforts would be much more appropriately channelled to training their lens on crises happening in this cracked world that is our broken home.

Of course it is easy to see their point of view.

But also, for one day, I don't want to hear it.

Because why does a celebration of happiness have to be scorned and unjustified? First world guilt, quite simply. There is always a reason why something 'shouldn't be'.

It shouldn't be!

The cost!

It's not right!

What about the people?!


That's why I hugged my knees to my chest yesterday and smiled as over a million people in London turned out in person and respectively queued to yell congratulations. To cheer. Who felt a collective shiver as a groom looked at his bride and told her, 'You're beautiful.' As a bride looked at her groom and said, 'I'm so happy'.

It was about happiness.

It was about love.

It seems that politics is always justifiable, but why not love?

Of course it's a word so overused it can seem to ring hollow. But it's not and is not deserving of scorn. Because every once in a while we really do need a reminder on a grand scale that it's out there. It's life changing. It exists. We believe. We're powerful because of it. It can be better.

All of it.


Melissa Sue said...

right on

(that kate tumblr is still hilarious though)

Caitie said...

That's awesome! haha. When are you guys coming down?!

Melissa Sue said...

I mentioned it to Ed again yesterday - how's next or nextnext weekend?

mom said...

Excellen Blog Cait!

Meg said...

Damn right Cait! Love and happiness deserve the upmost respect. Was a beautiful wedding by the way. I loved Kate's dress.