Saturday, 26 March 2011

So It's Been A Week And All I Can Talk About Is My Sunburn?

What up Internet?

Let me just blow a week's worth of dust off this little old blog of mine and check to see if my keys aren't rusty, because Holy-Swiss-Alps-and-Tons-of-Fun-Batman but I've voluntarily been away from the Internet for one whole week and didn't miss it once. Did you guys know that the real world kicks way more ass than the virtual world, and you can get a tan out there? In March?! Without ever having to fly to sunny Mexico, or wherever it is these European sun-seekers flee to?

Well, to be accurate, at first you get a raging burn that really hurts because who puts sunscreen on in March? It's practically still winter. But then that burn settles down nicely into a quasi-tan (aka, all the freckles on my face have just started holding hands) which means I really just thought I had a dirty face that wouldn't scrub clean because a tan? What is that you speak of? I know not of this colour. In fact, on one particularly gorgeous day I was lying out on a bench and decided to remove my (super rocking) jean jacket to wear only my tank top, and felt a moment of discomfort when I realized my brilliant white arms resembled those spears of albino asparagus that are starting to make appearances on grocery shelves. Also as soon as my white arms were exposed, a half dozen birds flew down in front of me and started pecking around and I got a bit scared for my life: I think they might have mistaken my skin for white bread.

But anyhow, oh what a week it's been. Dan turned the big 3-0, his brother was here from Canada to help celebrate, I ate more cheese than I thought was humanly possible, and we have laughed those laughs that are so hard you don't make a sound as tears pour from your eyes and it's hard to breathe. 

Next week it's back to work for us and turning back to my usual shade of Wonder Bread White, and then I'll share a story or two with you all. But for now I need to go soak up the last warm rays of the raddest vacation week 2011 has bestowed on us thus far.

Later, and don't forget your sunscreen.


Ais said...

Glad you guys are all having a good time :) Cant wait to see some pictures!!!!

Meg said...

Wish I was there to laugh with you:) Glad you're having so much fun!! The sun has started to show it's smiling face in Kamloops too, which is an instant mood brightener! Can't wait for the summer, and my own sunburn.