Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Let's Drive

I'm not really a car person. I like cars because they can get you from point A to point B, and they come in very handy when you want to do a spur of the moment road trip through some of BC's finest scenery, and don't want to ride via that ill-named automotive disaster, otherwise known as Greyhound Bus.

Greyhound is not a speedy way to get around (though the name suggests otherwise) and you can never be sure what sort of social science experiment is going to be sitting next to you.

Example: On one Greyhound bus adventure to visit my sister, my seat-mate pulled open a festering McDonald's bag that contained about five McFish burgers. We'd been on the road about, oh, THREE HOURS OR SO before I guess she felt snackish. Eww! Eww! Eww! Hours old McFish burgers. Eww!

Example 2: On yet a different Greyhound bus adventure, a man sat in front of me, regaling the ENTIRE BUS of his sexual escapades. For example, he prefers to go for women who are 'large and in charge' because 'they're more grateful for [his] lovin'. Also, if this large and in charge woman could come from one of the prairie provinces that would be even better, 'because all them men are on the farms, and them womens be starvin' for lovin'.'

He got kicked off in Chilliwack.

So yes, I am very grateful for cars. But here in good old Switzerland, we don't have a car and except for one disastrous attempt at packing home Ikea furniture, we haven't missed it because the transit here is crazy efficient and we live in a nice central location.

So given that I'm a bit *meh* about vehicles, it was quite the surprise when I not only found myself at the Geneva auto show, but also salivating over all cars on display and fighting with people for the chance to sit behind the wheel of some of these beauties. At the end of the day I assessed my frame of mind and determined: Yep, that totally kicked ass and there are some pretty sweet cars...OOH, horses! Look Dan horses!

We were parked right next to a stable, and so I guess I'm just still a bigger fan of the original mode of transportation, but there were some wicked cars on display and I would definitely go to this event again.

You can't but a price tag on happiness, right Dan?

The car on the left is a Formula One racer, and looks very dangerous.
The car on the right has a really pretty orange interior, and if I made an offer on it I wonder if they'd throw in a matching nail polish?

I think the side view mirrors leave for a very large blind spot.

A transformer!

The golf cart on the left is just for you Dad!
Be prepared to pay a really large import tax when Canada Post knocks on the door.
The car on the left looks like something a bee keeper would drive.

I mean sure, I can totally picture myself whipping around Monaco in this snazzy blue number.
But then I spotted the gecko.

This car is both pretty and practical.
You can fit some luggage in the back.

These are shots of the venue *before* it got busy.

Here's Dan and his uncle, who got us in for free and scored us a free breakfast and lunch!
Gotta love connections.

There were a lot of iPads around.
I considered snatching one and driving away with it...

And my getaway car of choice is of course the Batmobile!
(though Dan said this is not the Batmobile)

The white car had its own theme song, and the red car had an audience to watch it turn in circles.

When I saw this modernized take on the VW camper van, I heard Bob Barker's voice in my head.
"Caitie, COME ON DOWN and meet your NEW. CAR."

The Maybach: a limo for those who don't want to look like they're riding in a limo.
The angry green car: just rad.

The future is friendly, and probably also pretty fast.

This Rolls reminds me of Brittney Murphy singing 'Rollin' with my Homies' in 'Clueless'.

It was the funniest thing, I also heard Bob Barker's voice when I saw this car too...

And last but not least:

The only thing Dan wants for his 30th birthday.

Now boys and girls, let's stop for minute to remember that cars can be dangerous. And if you don't wear your seatbelt you might get whiplash.

Just ask poor Dan: he suffered severe whiplash from the sheer act of craning his neck too and fro to look at all the models of the non-automotive variety. Though he'll tell you with some remorse: "There weren't as many models here this year, which is a shame."

Yes, a real shame.


Dad said...

Oh you guys are so lucky to have been to that show. I'm drooling just looking at the pictures. How I'd have liked to have sat in some of those cars and imagine myself driving them. Well done you two, and awesome pic's Cait. I'm trying to decide which one should be my screen saver, but it's too hard!

Habebi said...

Ha ha ha ha!! Poor Dan. Tell him lots of ice and rest and he'll be back gawking in no time. ;-)

Since I came from a car family all of those were like eye candy! Soooooo shiny, and fast. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for the pics, they should hire you for the ads!

Oh and you should've ran away with an iPad. Jon just bought the iPad2 and let me tell ya... it's so purdy. I loves it!

Melissa Sue said...

I will not rest until the Toaster Bus is mine!!!!! *love*

T said...

Haha, I was never a car person either until Ben took me to a porche show in Sun Peaks. I also had a car picked out as the Batmobile and was informed of the reasons why it was NOT the Batmobile. Ben is definitely going to drool when I show him this post!

Also, I know you consider yourself an amature, but I am consistantly more impresed with your photography skills Caitie. I can never get such clear pictures inside without relying on the flash and losing all the colour!

Ais said...

Hahaha! Oh Dan. You should tell him that you were going to get him that car he wanted, until he made the model comment! You got some really nice shots there, and the Bob Barker comments made me laugh! Haha, looks like an awesome thing to go and see. And good score on the getting in and eating for free!

Caitie said...

Dad--It was so great! I really enjoyed it. We'll make a plan to go, maybe next year :-)

Habebi--I'm still hankering for an iPhone, but I gotta say, those iPads were pretty wicked. But not as cool as the VW camper van! Eye candy is sweet ;-)

Melissa Sue--We will have a fight to the death for it! Umm, maybe too extreme actually...

T--That car totally is the batmobile! The inside of the showroom was so so bright, I was lucky to be able to take some nice pictures because I only have the crappy in-camera flash where I have the same problem as you. So I was lucky to not have to use it.

Ais--It was pretty awesome, you would have liked it for sure! And Bob Barker's voice hasn't left me since that weekend ;-)