Friday, 11 March 2011

I Might Not Be Cool Enough For Bern

Until I started making friends (and yes, I realize that line makes me appear as though I'm that girl in the cafeteria who eats alone because she's a social plague), I never thought that Bern was anything other than a happening place.

I reached this conclusion through the following observations:

Fancy restaurants open on a Monday...until midnight!

So many clothing stores!

There are jet fountains in front of parliament, that people can run through!

So many clothing stores!

So many people at outdoor cafes!


Now if you'll recall, I come from a smaller community surrounded by ranching country.


I'm a touch homesick...still...

Bless my town's little heart, but if you go based on numbers alone, the most happening place to be on any night of the week, let alone the weekend, is Wal-Mart or Costco; also, we only have one main street, of which only two blocks of said street are busy, and on which only one decent clothing store can be found.

I am not slamming my town by any means because it does suit the needs of the community, but it's just not what you would call 'cosmopolitan'.

Now I really thought that Bern was cosmopolitan because it is the capital of the country, and every one knows that politicians like to have a heaping side of unethical and morally questionable 'fun' served up alongside their tedious lives. Surely Bern must by default be hip? My friends are not convinced of this however, yet I am unconvinced by their lack of conviction. In fact, I think that the people here in Bern might actually just be a little too hip for me.

Case in point: on Tuesday I was riding the bus, heading into the giant metropolis, when out the window I spied a teenage lad walking with his friends, and he was heavily relying on a crutch to make his way up the street, but he still had considerable swagger to his step considering his need for a crutch.

I applauded this seemingly crippled young person for really rocking that walking aid, and making it his own.

Then his friend stole the crutch and ran off with it while the 'crippled' boy full on sprinted after his friend, with the grace of a cheetah, to wrestle back the crutch. Once it was in his grasp, the crutch again became a walking aid: as in this kid was using it to aid in his efforts TO TRY AND LOOK COOL.

Crutch, step, swagga. Crutch, step, swagga. Crutch, step, swagga. Crutch, step, swagga.

I was completely baffled by this city boy, and felt mildly offended on behalf of...ah...people who break their legs skiing and need a crutch.

Was my bafflement a sign that I am 'square'?

(Does my use of the word 'square' really make me 'square'?)

Am I too country?
Do I need to get my parents to send me my great-grandfather's cane so I can use it to help me swagger up the cobblestoned streets, just to fit in? Pardon me for saying this but I just don't think I can do that.

Does this mean I'm not be cool enough for (bum) hip Bern?


T said...

Hahaha, I don't think it makes you "uncool" ...just grown up and mature! (I'm avoiding the word old as I'm in the same category:P)

Caitie said...

T--Okay, I'll believe you ;-)

Habebi said...

I too vote for mature. Kids were being young and dumb. Though I will say as a person who's been on crutches I can can swag.. Only a little. Not sure if swagger and crutches can go hand in hand. Will get back to you on that one.