Friday, 18 March 2011

Cosmanian Devil

Do you see this cat, Internet?

Does that look like a cat who follows the rules?

Rules like, using a scratching post?

Oh golly gee, that is the lampshade from our floor lamp that's been shredded.

I heard a strange sound in our apartment the other day: the sound of silence.

I was concerned so I went to investigate what our resident noise maker was up to. Oh, not much, just lying on his back and gleefully tearing hunks of paper out of the lampshade and then kicking them around with his back paws while he tried to catch the floating butterfly wisps of paper with his front paws.

Pretty typical Tuesday.

But on a not so typical Wednesday, I went to the Zurich airport to pick up two jet-lagged and weary travellers, otherwise known as my brother-in-law and his fiance, then whisked them back to Bern. They will be here for the next couple of weeks, and since Dan and I both have next week off, it's a safe bet we might be doing some adventuring.

Cosmo's not invited though.

Oh, alright he totally is because torn lampshade or not he's a loved part of our family unit, and there's nothing better in the world than having family around the dinner table digging in to a big pot of cheese fondue (or, in Cosmo's case, sitting on the floor and begging for scraps because he has no shame and doesn't seem to realize he's a cat).


T said...

It's 8am over here and now I'm craving fondue...

Cosmo is such a crazy character, I even miss him too!

Ais said...

Aw, little Cos :)

Meg said...

Ah! You made my day when I opened your blog and saw that picture of cos! I sure miss the little guy.

jessica said...

OMg. i never say that, but in this case, OMG. we have the same ikea lamps. we used them bedside. and the same thing happened. our cats ripped 'em to shreds