Wednesday, 16 February 2011

What Do You Mean We're Not Observant?


That was a grumpy and irritated huff.

Remember the bare light bulb hanging above our dining room table?

Remember me?
I'm the bare little light bulb. still looks like that.


It is really difficult to explain why we haven't bought a light fixture yet. Or's not difficult to explain. In fact, how about I give a rousing cheer as to why the bulb hangs bare.

Give me an L; give me an A; give me a Z; give me a Y! What does that spell?


And we procrastinate.

Oh, that's the same thing.

So today Dan explicitly took the afternoon off work so that we could run around Bern and beyond, be free from weekend crowds, and get some things we needed (I'm not packing it all, yo). And on our list was the long awaited light fixture. Because you just can't beat Ikea's prices, we chose to go there to buy our little bare bulb a pretty chrome dress, or black dress, or maybe a sparkly chandelier dress, or maybe a paper dress? We hadn't decided yet.

So after we got appropriately sidetracked in Ikea and filled our cart with items we hadn't intended to purchase, we finally hit the lighting department. There was a lot of humming and hawing over the fixture we would get because after letting the bulb hang bare for over nine months (shame) we had to bring it home something pretty to apologize. Not just any shade would do.

In the end we chose a lovely black fixture from the Ikea Spring 2011 collection. You'll just never regret a black light shade you know, it goes with everything. Every home should have one. We thought we'd done a very fine job picking out the shade, and we were confident our bare bulb would be happy with our choice. However, upon getting it home we *then* remembered that our light bulb is not centered over our table. So buying a lamp that hangs over a chair and not the center of the table doesn't work.


You'd think that after staring at that disgraceful bare bulb for nine months, it would be seared into our brains that it's off center in the room.



This irritates me. Now, if any one has an old couch, a pile of raggy old goodwill clothes, or a senile great-aunt they're trying to get rid of, just drop them off at our place.

We probably won't notice.


Ais said...

hahaha! So what does it matter if you got a cover for your bulb that is off centre? Anything you buy would be the same, unless you actually move the hole to the centre of the ceiling right?

Caitie said...

Ais--So observant! But we're going to now just get a light that hugs the ceiling--doesn't hang down. You should have been in Ikea with us!

Mrs Crocodile said...

Senile great aunts are infinitely more useful than light fixtures, that's why I'm keeping mine.