Monday, 7 February 2011

Odds and Ends

1. Dan and I went on two gorgeous walks this weekend, and I took a jillion pictures each day.

2. I am avoiding going through those jillion pictures.

3. A guy in my class has adopted me as his sister. Specifically he always says: "Caitlyn, my sister. My sister."

4. I always wondered what it would be like to have a brother. Now I know it's sort of irritating. Especially if said adopted-brother is always leaning over your work, tapping your page, and teasing you that everything you're doing is wrong and that you 'need to listen to your brother'.

5. I don't know if I was mentally prepared for a brother.

6. Caitlyn? Caitie? Cait? WHO AM I?

7. The correct answer is 'e': all of the above.

8. Our neighbour is coming over for coffee and cake tonight because I need to practice speaking German with a person whom I won't end up telling to 'sod off' when I get frustrated. I'm really only looking forward to the cake.

9. Today I wore a tank-top and sat on my balcony, getting blasted by sunny sunshine. What up February, want to be BFFs?

10 My cats are photogenic.



11. I'm thinking of cutting my hair to this length:

Image via Google images

12. Should I do it?


T said...

1. Sitting outside in your tank-top?! (If I didn't miss you, I'd tell you that you kind of suck--but I miss you so I wont)

2. I think the haircut would look good! (I'm always for haircuts as I love how they feel)

3. Brothers are annoying, if I knew you were in the market I would have given you at least two of mine!

4. Your cats are beautiful.

5. Now I want cake...

Ais said...

Your hair would look good cut short Cait! You should do it! Also, it kind of sounds like the guy in your class like you haha! Make sure to flash your ring around lol

Caitie said...

T--I will clarify that it was only like +8, so it wasn't SUPER hot, but the sun was SO awesome and warm, I didn't mind the occasional shiver. Miss you too :-)

Ais--I'm totally going to cut it! I'm sick of long hair. Not to worry, my 'brother' haha, knows I'm married! He's just a nice but crazy guy.

Ais said...

Haha, oh I see. Well, when you cut your hair, send pictures :)