Wednesday, 9 February 2011


On Saturday Dan and I laced up our walking shoes and hit the great outdoors to soak up some Vitamin D and work up an appetite so we'd have reason to justify all that freshly baked bread we would cram into our maws when we finished our stroll.

In hindsight, I look back on that day and smile fondly on Saturday Morning Caitie, because she was a girl who had no idea that there was a mystery waiting for her on the walking trail. A mystery that would result in her taking so many pictures in an effort to figure it out, her walking companion would stalk up to her thirty minutes later and threaten to take her camera away if she didn't get the lead out.

Apparently said walking companion lost interest in said mystery just a few seconds after glancing it. Which I guess means said walking companion didn't exactly find it mysterious.


So we were walking by the river when Dan absently said, "Hey, look at that," as he pointed at a rock face that had an old iron gate welded into the stone. "That's pretty cool," he shrugged before bypassing the sight completely and continuing up the trail.

I was not so impassive about the strange sight.


Yes, I really did speak in caps-lock. Sometimes I get really excited about stuff, what can I say.

I bet it is a tomb!
People left out prayer candles!

So Dan wandered back and stood in front of the iron gate for a minute and conceded it was a bit of a mystery. The gate was locked, and looks like it hasn't been used in years.

This is some seriously negligent housekeeping.

Very un-Swiss.

Of course I shook and rattled and tried to open the gate that is welded shut and doesn't look like it's been opened since Joan Rivers was a baby. And when that (obviously) didn't work, I stuck my hand through the creepy gap at the top of the door.

I don't know why I did that....
But hey, I still have all my fingers. 

As Dan walked away from the gate I shouted back to him, "What do you think it is? A tomb? Do you think there are centuries old dead bodies back there? Is that the reason for the candles? Modern Goths are paying their respects? Or maybe an eccentric old loner lived out here until he was a 103? Or maybe this cave is from, like, cavemen times!"

"Yeah, I doubt it," Dan replied as he meandered away.

"You doubt what?!"

"Pretty much all of it..."


So we have some English broadcasting channels now (don't even get me started, I know it's bad for learning German, blah, blah, blah) and I'm obsessed with this one archaeological show where a dude travels around the world and looks at new discoveries of ancient times.

Obviously this cave isn't a new discovery if it's right on a walking trail and people are burning Migros prayer candles at its entrances, but that doesn't mean this cave can't be old! So I decided to employ a few tricks I've learned from the show, and that is to look at the scene as it might have looked, way back when.

I imagine this it what the area looked like oh, a hundred years ago before the world was in colour.
And these aren't just stones, I bet they were steps.

And these are the remnants of carefully laid stones, that formed a floor.

I poked around some more and found what I think is a really old fountain, but I didn't take pictures of that. And since Dan had long since left the vicinity, I had to resort to my pathetic German skills to ask a couple of Swiss folks if they knew what this cave was.

And guess what?


The teenage girl told me that she has tried Googling this a lot, but she can't find anything specific to the history of the cave.

The mystery continues...

The rock this cave is built into is called "Heiti Bueffel" and I'm just going to boldly declare that 'Bueffel' means buffalo. I haven't checked in to that, but I like to live dangerously, and it sounds similar to buffalo so I'm going with that. (Who even knows what Heiti means?) Is this an old buffalo cave? Did buffalo roam in Switzerland? Did they hide out in caves? Did they practice iron work and fashion a gate? Were buffalo the original stone masons and they chiseled stone steps? Is there buffalo cults in Switzerland and members lay candles at entrances to buffalo caves? Why is this rock (possibly, maybe) named after buffalo?

I certainly haven't seen any buffalo roaming about, but I have a theory about why the rock buffalo may have left.

They totally got chased off by the rock bears.


mom said...

awesome pics Cait. I wonder what the cave is???

T said...

I must know what that cave is!!!

Ais said...

Thats really cool! I bet it is a tomb! Why else would people leave candles outside the gates? You should go back again and do a thorough investigation!

Dad said...

Hey Cait - Maybe it's an old cellblock. Look around for some old handcuffs and such. Sorry, my mind just gravitates to my past life!

Ais said...

Hahaha, Dad!

Caitie said...

Mom & T--I know! I can't figure it out. I even got Dan to do some Googling auf Deutsch and he couldn't figure it out.

Dad--Haha! Imagine this was a cellblock! Good thing you're retired, ghosts might be asking you to mind their prisoners when you come visit this summer ;-)

Ais--I totally think it must be a tomb or something. The candles in front of the gate are prayer candles.