Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Because Life Should Be Sweet

In the same way that serious music fans need you to know that they were fans of Justin Bieber before he sold out, got a bowl cut, and became JUSTIN BIEBER, I need you to know that I was a die hard Lululemon convert before it was LULULEMON.

I don't know why people need to do this; profess that they were 'in the know' well before you were. That they were so in The Know they wrote The Handbook of Know, they cross referenced their Know, and now you are just a pitiful lemming that thinks you Know, but don't know. In fact, you will never know because the person who is in The Know can't be associated with the object of their Know anymore because too many people think they know, so they leave and take all their Know with them, giving you a scathing and pretentious backwards glance for clearly being such a lesser person to not have Known sooner than the radio told you to. 

You know?

Okay well I'm sorta-kinda-maybe-you-don't-have-to-squint-that-hard-to-see-it like that about Lululemon. That Canadian yoga apparel company who's humble beginnings all started out in a little store in Vancouver's Kitsilano beach, and is now a booming global company.

Whenever someone professes their love for Lululemon, I give a casual yet slightly exasperated agreeable eye roll because, duh I totally know and knew way before you and anyone else who lived outside the greater Vancouver area or didn't travel there for shopping sprees.

It's a character flaw I'm not proud of.

Then said person asks me 'don't I just love how my Groove Pants make getting into the lotus position so easy?' or 'don't I just love how my Still Pants make me feel so much more grounded and open to receiving my sun salutation?' and these questions are really irritating and embarrassing because then I have to admit none of my yoga clothes have ever touched a yoga mat.

I wear them to eat popcorn.

But that still doesn't stop me from spending copious hours on the Lululemon website, browsing which jackets will look best on me as I eat ice cream, or which fancy shorts I could buy in order to wear them down to the mailbox, or what about some tank tops that show off my ripped biceps...ah, never mind. Clicking away from the tank top page.

So I was on the website on Monday when their blog-author-person-whoever posted a recipe with the suggestion that it could serve as an alternative to birthday cake. I read that line and was all, "Whatever, birthday cake is delicious and should never be substituted." But I did appreciate the recipe because it's for a sweet treat that I haven't had in years.

So I made it.
Hello pav-love-a.
(aka pavlova)
Come hither.
Have you met Mr. Fork?

And the best part about this pav-love-a is that because we're grown-ups and we can make smart grown-up decisions, WE'RE EATING IT FOR DINNER TONIGHT.

You read that correctly, Internet. This isn't dessert. It's dinner. I've already bastardized Lululemon enough, why not also twist their recipe's purpose?

(That gasp you just heard was my health conscious Mother who can't believe this is my dinner.)

(Also, this picture doesn't do justice to the copious amount of vanilla bean flecked whipped cream I've loaded on.)

(Sorry Mom, but I ain't sorry!)

Dan came home from work and I excitedly told him that this pav-love-a was going to be our dinner. He inspected all the fruity-whipped-cream-meringuey goodness and asked me if there was hopefully, per chance, any meat baked into as well.


Now I'm going to put on my yoga pants, get my Groove on, be Still, and enjoy some pavlova...FOR DINNER.

Life is sweet.


T said...

This entry inspired me to spend the last 25 minutes wandering around the Lululemon website and dreaming of how much stuff I'm going to buy once school is finished and I find a real job...that student loan payment will just have to wait!

Also...I am really craving Pavlova for breakfast now!

mom said...

mmmm the pavlova looks delicious!

Ais said...

Hahaha! Oh lulu, how i want to buy more from you :( And the pavlova looks good too!

Dad said...

Looks great Cait! I'll be over for leftovers......

Rayn <--My internet name, can never be too careful said...

"i wear them to eat popcorn" Golden Line Cait, This made me laugh out loud, and yes i did just type that out instead of using the short three letter form, because I was in the know long before all y'all.

Caitie said...

T--And the website is so handy because you never have to leave your home to purchase anything ;-) So dangerous. And I highly recommend having Pavlova for breakfast.

Mom--It totally was! I'll make it again when you and Dad come!

Ais--Buy something so I can live vicariously through you ;-)

Dad--Sorry, no leftovers. And like I'd share...hmpf! haha

Rayn...--Maybe I should challenge you to a know off ;-)Haha.