Sunday, 13 February 2011

And Then We Walked Here...

...because we'd never been there before.







What I appreciate the most about living where we do is the easy access to hundreds of walking trails. You can choose to walk for sixty minutes to six hours.

No direction is off limits.

Only you cap your own distance.

Dan and I are starting to keep a log of all the walks we're doing this winter, and then all the hikes we'll do this summer.

We want to remember the directions we chose.

The distance we've travelled.


Habebi said...

Lovely! That's wonderful that there are so many trails and wide open spaces for you and Dan to explore. I'm a wee bit envious!

Can't wait to see more of course.

T said...

Love the idea of a hiking log! Ben and I are planning on getting into hardcore hiking this summer so that we're in shape to hike the West Coast trail in 2013, I think I'm going to try creating a hiking scrapbook or something too!

Dad said...

Superb pic's always. How nice and green it is there.

Caitie said...

Habebi--I can hardly wait to start hiking again! I suppose I could get all Swiss and strap on a pair of skis and get into the mountains that way, but...*shuffle, shuffle*...yeah...

T--You totally should start the log. I only wished we started it last summer, but ah well, we've got it on the go now. And the West Coast Trail will be *wicked!* But you're right, you will need to log a lot of hours into your journal to get ready. I know you two will kick it though.

Dad--Just wait. In a few short months you will see all this too!