Saturday, 1 January 2011

You Say Goodbye, And I Say Hello

We ushered out 2010 in the most respectful way we knew how: eating cheese fondue, discussing our favourite moments from a generous year, drinking beer, playing Cranium (Canadian edition!), and lighting table bombs.

A table bomb, you ask?

Why yes, a table bomb.

I had no idea that such things even existed, but they do and they're fun! It's a cylinder shaped canister that is stuffed with treats, and there's a fuse sticking out the bottom of the canister. You strike a match, light the fuse and wait for the POP as the lid blasts off the canister and all the goodies inside--like masks! and party hats! and whistles! and fake noses and lips! and streamers!and News Years Eve pigs!--explode all over the living room.

You buy these in the grocery store!

Woo hoo!

We lit three of them!








Goodbye 2010 and hello 2011.

It was a blast.


Habebi said...

Looks like you all had a great and fun time. Love the masks and the lips. And table bombs? I want!! Though I don't think they'd be allowed in the US, could you imagine the lawsuits? lol

Happy New Year!

T said...

Love seeing how much fun you guys are having!!! I want to try a table bomb!

Happy New Year to you all over there!

Caitie said...

Habebi--I know, the table bomb was awesome! You'd never get those in Canada either because some reject would stick their face over the top, get hit in the face, and then try to sue. Happy New Year!!

T--Meg wanted to pack a few of these table bombs home, but it was decided that the airport probably wouldn't take kindly to something in your luggage that actually says 'bomb' on it--even if it is only filled with streamers. hahahaha. You'll totally just have to come here next year for New Years! Hope yours was a blast too!

Ais said...

Such a fun night! Thanks to Cait and Dan for an awesome Christmas and New Years :)

Dad said...

I would love to try those table bombs! Will have to wait until we come see you I guess.....sigh.

mom said...

Buy some now so when we come in July we can try them out :-)


Melissa Sue said...

Thank goodness there were other people wearing goofy table-bomb masks and hats all night also... (ours was called "ghost party"! it was hilarious!) Happy New Year! haha

jess said...

all of these last three posts made me laugh outloud. who knew. a table bomb.

raper means to grate in french. or did you already figure that out :)