Friday, 21 January 2011

Weird Window Displays

I have been scrolling through pictures I took this summer because it makes me feel warm. It is my only option at the moment for feeling close to those long days, because I've found that shutting my eyes, clicking my heels together three times, and saying 'Come on Summer, kick January's keester right off the calendar' isn't working.

I miss summer.

Not that I can actually complain too much about this winter, but still.

So anyhow, I was looking through pictures and stumbled across some serious gems. When I first got here in June, I spent pretty much every day walking the streets of Bern and trying to get to know my new city a little better. And you know what I learned?

Well if you want to know, it'll cost you CHF 20.00. Email me, I'll give you my address, and once I get your cash I'll tell you.


Okay fine, I'll tell you for free.

Firstly: I learned not to shout 'juuiicceee' when I was saying good bye to people, and to actually say "Tschüs".

Secondly: I learned that the businessmen and women of Bern have set up some seriously odd window displays to promote their businesses.


(It was a really sunny day so it was hard to get clear pictures through the glass reflection.)

'Help us! Help us! They took our bodies and replaced them with flower stems!'

'I don't know what happened, officer. I don't know! One minute I was sitting at the table, being poured imaginary tea and eating imaginary cookies, and then...and then...OH GOD.'

This one will never again know the joys of being pushed around in a baby-doll carriage.

These two live in fear of what's going on behind their side of the glass, and so try to remain still to avoid further maiming.
They are on display at a hair salon, after all.
There are scissors.
Lots and lots of scissors...

'Am I being Punk'd?...Do you think? Sigh...My head is so heavy without a body.'

'I'm on display at a hair salon, and these freaks can't do anything about my cow-lick! For shame!'

I think the poppy red that is pillowing their heads is a particularly gruesome touch.
Don't you?

And the third thing I've learned?

Well, it's this: It's probably not a good idea to get your hair cut at a salon that displays decapitated doll heads.

'Uh miss, you're getting...too...close...the...scissors...AH!'


mom said...

This might not be the best place to take your lovely locks :-))

Ais said...

Ahahaha!!!! Poor dolls, never saw it coming. And yeah, its kind of creepy. Why dont they just put up posters of people with awesome hair cuts like everyone else?

Helen said...

This has to be one of the creepiest things I've seen in a long time. I would give that hair salon a very wide berth.

Caitie said...

Mom--Agreed. Imagine if I'm sitting in the chair and discovered my stylist was the one who dreamed up this display, and then she said to me, "Hey, I have a great idea for your hair..." Awkward.

Ais--I know, right?! Pictures of women sporting varying hues of the spiked mullet aren't that bad, especially if these dolls are the alternative.

Helen--Not to worry, whenever I round the corner and am about to get too close to this salon, I tuck my hair into my jacket and run across the street. I just feel safer that way.