Tuesday, 25 January 2011

It's Like Frying An Egg On The Sidewalk, Except It's Winter

Is there anything better than telling your German language teacher something so extraordinary that she staggers backwards and clutches at her heart? And readers, thank-you for having so much confidence in me! I can sense that when you read that last line your minds all jumped to the immediate conclusion that I am clearly such a rockstar at learning German that my impressive news must have been that I am in the middle of translating my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows into German, just for kicks.

No-no friends. In terms of where my German language abilities lie, let's just say a pre-schooler and I could have a kick-ass conversation wherein we rap the alphabet and tell each other our names. That's about as much as I can do at the moment.

So today during our break, a few classmates looked out the windows a moaned about the snowflakes that were lazily drifting from the skies. There was general agreement amongst my class that yesterday and today have been 'very, very, cold'. I squirmed in my seat and wondered if I should tell everybody that -8 degrees Celsius isn't really that cold. Would I seem like a bitch? Normally I would have simply agreed with everyone that it was cold, but this YouTube video was just emailed to me and I couldn't listen to people complain about -8 when there's people on the prairies who have to endure THIS.

Science Rocks!

Especially since -8 or not, this has been our January in good old Bern.

Last Sunday:

Hey, the grass is green...

...and Dan is only wearing his sweater...


And this past Sunday:
Oh geez, we have a skiff of snow...

...and Dan had to put on his toque...

...but these blue skies are rocking my socks!

Fellow Canadians (who don't live in Vancouver or Victoria) please don't hate me. I have you in my thoughts.

P.S. I totally crack-up every time I listen to the dude filming the video shout "WHOOOAAAA!" and then the girl in the background declaring an awed "It did work..." 

I miss you Canada, just not this January!


T said...

I'm definitely jealous! I appreciate that you're thinking of me while enjoying that sunshine! :P

mom said...

It has been so grey and gloomy here that we WISH we would get some sun!