Thursday, 27 January 2011

Have You Brushed Your Teeth Today?

Every morning on my walk to class, as I'm heading down Bern's main drag, I pass a display box that has a television inside of it broadcasting a repeat video of...DENTAL SURGERY.

What the what?

Dental. Surgery. Every. Morning.

The video is completely unavoidable and every day I see a close-up shot of a dentist working in some person's pink and slimy mouth, prodding around in a gaping hole where a gnarly tooth once was. And what is the dentist doing? Oh, just drilling straight up into the patient's gums.

Did you hear me, Internet? I said drilling. There is a drill involved. Like you know how you drill a hole into the wall? Or how construction crews drill holes into concrete? Well, the dentist is drilling a hole into a person's gums!

The horror! The horror!

Who is responsible for this video, how did they get to broadcast it on Bern's main drag, and why the f-ck IS IT STILL PLAYING?!

Now excuse me, I have to go floss. Superb dental hygiene has become an even more pressing concern of mine, these past three weeks.


Mrs Crocodile said...

Hi Cait!
If it's any consolation, there is a pharmacy on my way to the migros, which has a graphic new advertisement for a Nose Douche. Every time I walk by it I take a very deep breath in.
Mrs Crocodile

Ais said...

Well, maybe after putting the dentist off for two years, I should finally make an appointment. Dont want the person in the video to be me!

Caitie said...

Mrs Crocodile--One of Dan's relatives once took the time to show me how a nose douche worked, because for some reason he thought I needed to know. It was grotesque. Please tell me exactly which pharmacy I need to avoid so that I don't see that advertisment ;-) Your screen name also rocks.

Ais--Get to the dentist! Get to the dentist! Stop eating candy! Floss! Yesterday I was in Bern, and the video was showing the dentist snipping away at the gums in preparation for the drill!

T said...

ugh... I hate the dentist (who doesn't?). But I went a few weeks ago and every time I go I get scared into going again because of the fear that it could always get worse!